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  1. Found an EL cable, any good?

    Get more wire
  2. Guess what hardware I torched!!

    Lucky duck!
  3. Found an EL cable, any good?

    Nice looking job man, you gotta rig yourself up a stand of some kind for pictures though. I use a table then add height with boxes.
  4. case fan 120mm

    Anything on where to buy more of them?
  5. case fan 120mm

    Ok, through french PM's I will now post medko's question in english. He is currently wondering how to install the 4 in 3 hard drive cage and if more are available for purchase. He sends his thanks as well!
  6. case fan 120mm

    Im quite fluent in french, medko. If you want to private message me what you want to ask in french I can translate.
  7. Guess what hardware I torched!!

    6800 GT's got my vote. Most people use Raptors as primary drives so I ruled that out, and DVD-RW's arent expensive comapred to the other stuff on there. Maybe the Audigy...but I dont recall ever hearing of a sound card that needs extra power.
  8. My First Mod!

    Very clean cut man, I wish I had access to that kinda equipment. Great job!
  9. Stripped screws on front of Wave Master

    Yeah, I know what Karma is talking about. They're bits the specifically grip into whats left of the screw and yank it out.
  10. Accessory switch

    Hmm yeah I see what youre thinking. Maybe try and find a switchable molex plug thats like a pass through? Or get creative with wiring
  11. Complaint about WaveMaster Yellow Case

    Wasnt there just a big long rant or two about constantly p*ssing on the competition? Anywho, that case seems whaked like they wise mods say...RMA it...*waves hand in use of the force* Ooooooooook too much KOTOR2 for me...
  12. Non-conductive Water ? can it be ?

    Ive seen submersion projects liek that work with some kinda oil...canola or something like that. Either way, one of the oils you can buy ina supermarket doesnt conduct and Ive seen submersion projects with it.
  13. 120mm Rifle Bearing?

    I would have to look into it but I think my next stealth rig is going to have the 80mm's in it...or I go all 120mm fans.
  14. 120mm Rifle Bearing?

    Yah I have one too, best part is its comparing to a Vantec Stealth in silence but stats of a standard fan.
  15. 120mm Rifle Bearing?

    Heh, wheres the CM staff when we need em? lol