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  1. My bad, I didn't notice you were from Australia. Oh well, at least you guys get to play with toys from Holden.
  2. I'm guessing you own a Chevy. I used to have a red two-door Blazer... this mod reminds me of it... man I loved that truck... Nicely done!!
  3. After a fair bit of design and planning, I'm finally ready to present the Cold War Stacker project!! Before we get to the modding, a special thanks to CoolerMaster is in order for sponsoring this mod and providing me with a shiny new Stacker 810 to cut into! Big thanks go out to Knud, Joost, and Ron over in CM Europe, and to Bryant and Kathy over at CM USA. Hopefully this mod will stimulate some thought and discussion about case modding in general, but especially in regards to the upcoming Case Mod Contest sponsored by CoolerMaster later this season. Competition will be fierce as always, so the sooner you guys start brainstorming and sketching out ideas, the better! I'll be updating this project log periodically as the mod progresses. This will be the most costly and time-consuming mod project I've worked on so far, so please be patient! There's going to be a lot to see here, including some aluminium welding as well as some tricky electrical work. For those interested, I'll also be maintaining a complete parts list of everything used. This isn't going to be a modding how-to but hopefully some of what you see here will come in handy when you start working on your own creations. The following sketches were put together using Google Sketch-Up. I decided to give this program a shot after seeing some impressive work done by a couple of modders here. I'm really glad I did, but you guys can judge the results for yourselves. ENJOY!! Questions and comments are always welcome. This project log isn't here for me to simply show off my work and ignore other people's posts. A lot of feedback from members and others has already gone into the design of this mod, so it really is a group effort. We're here to get into the case-bashing spirit... happy modding!
  4. ID

    Project: Cold War Stacker

    I have an exam to write tomorrow. After that, you'll start seeing updates! Don't worry pedro, you can keep your money.
  5. ID

    Suggestion: Carbon Fiber case?

    I've seen big vinyl sheets for sale on a couple of mod sites that make the surface look like carbon fiber when you stick em on. That's definitely an easier and much cheaper way of getting the effect if you're just interested in the look.
  6. ID

    Suggestion: Carbon Fiber case?

    One word: expense. The machines CM uses to make cases are designed to work with metal, not carbon composites. CM would need to buy new machines and start a new assembly line just to be able to produce carbon fiber. The startup costs would be huge. Plus the cases themselves definitely wouldn't be cheap. It's a cool idea - just not practical.
  7. ID

    Project: Cold War Stacker

    It is a nice banner, but then you should know. You sure you don't need the CM tablecloth?? I will have time for modding... next week! Today is the last day of classes before the holidays, and I write an exam on Friday. I can't wait to get modding again!
  8. ID

    New VGA cooler from CM

    Yes it is!!
  9. ID

    Aquagate Duo Viva compatibility with 8800GT

    That's not what CM Support told him in an e-mail a few posts back... apparently it works on the 8800GT...
  10. ID

    Project: Cold War Stacker

    I took it but I forgot to post! Here you go Knud: Thanks again!!
  11. Hi ID It’s more cardboard/wood case the only metal parts are the motherboard tray and the drive and HD bays. Do you play C&C3TW some times? To be honest I've played every single Command and Conquer game in the serious. C&C3 was great, I didn't like Generals so much, but I still think the first was the best!
  12. Sooo.... it's a cardboard/metal case? Interesting... Good game btw.
  13. ID

    Tooling question

    100% right... use dremel reinforced disks only for the corners and detail work it also costs less in the long run Very true, cutting wheels get ground down in no time if you're cutting through tough metal. An angle grinder or a jig saw work much better for larger cuts.
  14. ID

    Project: Cold War Stacker

    I'll post a pic this weekend, I forgot to show you the banner all set up!
  15. ID

    Project: Cold War Stacker

    Telling people they shouldn't think about certain things is essentially the same as telling them to ignore them, in my opinion. Arguments aside, this discussion has nothing to do with the original intention of this thread. If people want to have a rational discussion though, let me know and I'll split this into a separate topic and we can have at it. Thank you, I will!
  16. ID

    Project: Cold War Stacker

    One word: history. If you don't know it, you're doomed to repeat it, and ignoring it produces the same result. Pull out a textbook before you try to lecture me, the Cold War is 'cold' because hostilities never actually broke out, it was in fact one of the most stable periods in modern history. This is the first I've seen anyone attack someone's theme for a mod in this forum. But I guess there's always a first time for everything...
  17. Hang on now, if the red light is on there could very well be a problem. It should only light up if the PSU is experiencing under-voltage, over-voltage, a short-circuit, etc. I don't personally own this PSU, but someone from CM should be able to clarify this.
  18. ID

    Project: Cold War Stacker

    Yahh sorry about that. The case is prepped for cutting and painting, but I just don't have enough time right now to get to it. I have a super heavy course load this semester... never enough time for gaming or for modding. You'll see a lot more action during the Christmas break, I promise!
  19. ID

    Cosmos 1000 + Gemini II= To much heat

    I agree with EsaT, those CPU temperatures really aren't that bad for a Conroe. I would be more interested in knowing what the GPU temperatures are like... Demona, I had a similar problem with getting proper airflow over my hardware, though it was a different case and a different cooler. Still, I came up with the same solution as you: flip the rear-mounted fan from exhaust to intake and have the top panel fans run as exhaust. It isn't the most ideal setup but it does work. One other option is to purchase a PCI card cooler. They're fairly cheap and will increase airflow, but of course it will also generate more sound. The reality is that there is almost always a tradeoff between silence and cooling performance. The Cosmos was designed with the goal to more or less balance those two aspects. To be honest, unless your GPU is running really hot I don't think you have too much to worry about.
  20. ID

    Mystique 632 Silver W Side Window discontinued?

    The Mystique 632 is available over at TigerDirect. No side window though.
  21. ID

    Project: Cold War Stacker

    Hahaha, I can't wait.
  22. ID

    Project: Cold War Stacker

    Alright guys... things are progressing well, I've finished planning everything out and now it's time to get into the case bashing. The Stacker 810 is here, the workbench is cleared off, and I'm ready to start in on the crazy side panel seen in the sketches. More to come very soon!
  23. ID

    Question about the Stacker 830

    Especially with one of these. Of course you could save a lot of money by just buying a spray can.
  24. ID

    Mystique 631 compatibility with SPB-T01-EKA

    A US parts shop is in the works, but until then options are limited. I've stumbled across a few online retailers selling side panels for CM cases, but I haven't seen any for the Mystique yet. But modding is always fun.