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  1. I know its a dumb question. I am new tio the whole cooling thing. I have purchased the Aquagate alc-u01 few months ago and never put it in cause I was not ready to remove my mobo. Thisweeken I was going to upgrade my mobo so decided to try and install the cooler. Before installing I wanted to run a leak test and i left the thermal temp sensor out (but connected) so i could get a room temp reading and it was reading about 30c. To me I expected that when i touched the waterblock it would be semi-cool (cooler than the room at least) But it didnt feel like it was getting any cooler. It is working thought at least the pump is i can see water flowing thru. like I said Im new to the whole cooling thing and was wondering what should the temp difference be between the waterblock and room temp?
  2. palmero

    proper temp range

    havent hooked up yet, but i did recieve the thermal sensor in the mail and gave you a compliment in our last thread. but anyways i had my wife hook up the new sensor over the ph with me and everything works, but am still in the testing for leak phase b4 i hook up in my computer so no tempature now ( other than room temp) but i was just wondering what i should be looking for considering i have never had a liquid cooled unit. or even overclocked b4
  3. palmero

    proper temp range

    sorry....its a p4 3.0
  4. what is the proper temp range before overclocking on a cpu celcius and/or fahrenheit. what is good what is bad?
  5. Just wanted to let all the users know that bigbadbns did ship not one /2 or but 4 thermal sensors personally and the first i tried did work. So thank you again bigbadbns after so long on tryng to resolve over phone and emails with the coolermaster technical support dept.!!!!
  6. ok im home now and when turning the unit on the top display are 3 dashes and the bottom shows the current temp. i did what you said and still doesnt work. Im sorry i said there where temp on both top and bottom, when pressing buttons in the past it was hard for me to tell the difference between actuall temp and the settings termp (if you know what i mean) when turning on unit to actual temp there is only 1 display showing.
  7. alright cool, I have a feeling that may be the problem. That is why I've been so upset because I told them it showed a temp but they said just to try the thermal sensor cord anyway because they have had problems with it . Well I have waited so long for something that may not even be the problem. Well great then ,,now I'm excited to go home tonight and give it a shot again I will let you know, Thanks
  8. great I will try that tonight. I did make sur ethat the level has been topped off. I went over the directions over and over to make sure I was doing it correctly. but I will try whole adjusting the temp thing. also If that is the case why is thta? Why does it need to be adjusted like that to stop the error?
  9. I'm not even certain this thermal sensor cord will fix the problem, thats what I'm worried about.
  10. I think it was almost 2months ago when I first spoke to Benson with my situation. I just purchased the Aquagate unit but when trying to get it started the LCD display blinks and beeps then shuts off system. It is showing a tempature both top and bottom and they suggested I needed a new thermal sensor cord. I emailed my shipping address 3+ time over the next few weeks and at one point it looked promising because I finally did recieve confirmation that it was shipped. I waited 2 more weeks and nothing. I called CM again and went thru the whole process again.....still nothing. I then started a thread (or two) in these forums and "bigbadbns" said he is no longer in tech support but to PM my address to him and would look into (which I appreciated) no response. I understand that everyone is pretty busy but it has been almost 2months and all I keep doing is sending my address. So everyday I check my email waiting for a response from CM letting me know it was shipped out (once again). Then today I saw on the CM homepage that under "new arrival" it was showing exactley what I needed .....a thermal sensor cord. "Could I purchase it" I wondered.....I was willing to do, I called CM and they said that I could not purchase just the cord. Is this true? At this point I have already paid $200 for a unit that is not working ( have no idea why other than what they are suggesting that it may be the thermal sensor), but am ready to pay for the part if it will get it too me any faster ......PLEASE HELP.......GOING IN CIRCLES!!!!
  11. thank you soo much for your help and hope this solves my problem.
  12. great, thank you I have emailed you some info thta may help you locate me in the system.
  13. I have been trying to get 1 in fact at 1 point they emailed me saying it was sent but it has been 3weeks and nothing has been recieved...I called them back and they refuse to take my addres sinfo over ph to verify that the address I emailed to them was correct saying they would only take my address via email. I emailed my address for the 3/4th time and still no response has been recieved from them saying whether or not it has been sent. I have been going thru this proces for about 5weeks now. I am in Arizona they are in California so it should not take that long to recieve.
  14. I just got the aquagate and when turning on prior to installing in the tower I had tested for leaks. Well all the unit does is beep and the lcd display is blinking untill it shuts down the computer auto. I took off the thermal sensor and the display still blinks and beeps but of coarse does not shut off the system. I dont know if there is a problem with the pci card or if I just did not hook it up correctley, can anybody help?