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  1. Ok.... Hmm I sure I could machine up something... Also whats the most powerfullest fan that would fit in there?
  2. Hi all.. I was wondering if there's away or if anyones dont it, to mount an extra fan or two on my Coolermaster V8 HSF. I know theres one in the middle but is it possible to mount another two possibly on with side of the heatsinks? Cheers
  3. Whats that? I have a CM690.
  4. I just realised that I have to remove my whole motherboard from my case to pull of my V8...... is there any other way to remove the V8 (im putting it straight back on again) without taking the motherboard out?
  5. Am I missing something in that review? lol But it seems to me that Arctic Silver 5 is better???
  6. Thanks for the replys guys... Yeah other people have told me just to put a little drop in the middle... I can always remove and try again if this didnt work... So if Im currently getting 33 degrees idle at the moment with some no name generic thermal paste... How much lower do you reckon TF400 will do?
  7. Hi All Just a couple of questions... Is TF400 better than Arctic Silver 5? When I apply... People suggested that I just apply a rice grain size drop to the middle of the CPU and apply my V8... But other sources say that I should spread it...? Cheers
  8. It wines when I turn it up on my fan controller... If its on nothing (as low as fan controller goes) it doesnt wine, but when you increase it just a bit it starts too. While all the others are silent as at full speed.
  9. Hi All. Just wondering.. My side fan wines.. So can I return just the fan or do I have to return the whole case? Cheers
  10. Hi all. Just wondering, with a V8 installed on the M4A79T Deluxe, will the HSF prevent me from installing ram in the closest two dims? Anyone with this combo please tell me if all slots can be used or does the HSF overhang it too much. Thanks