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  1. I unboxed my V8 and found that the fan controller wasn't with the expansion slot plate it came with, both were seperate and the nob is impossible to get off without breaking it. Was it suppose to come assembled or is there some way to assemble the two together? a certain way of twisting or something? Please help
  2. Ah ok... I was thinking if the thermaltake bigwater 760i could fit in it? seems it would just clear the ram
  3. Hey i was thinking it would be a cool idea to make a lan case outa the elite 360 considering it can take atx boards so i was wondering if it were possible to get a trasnparent window or fan window to increase it's looks and strike fear into fellow lan players. and it'd be good to try and get more fans on there or some how amazingly a liquid cooling system. I think i've seen ones that go on the top of the case, so like fully above the frame. just want a cool looking, portable computer of awesome