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  1. VoongKoong

    CM not making their own cases?

    Yeah, I know Northwest Falcon used to use one of the ATC cases for their systems as well.
  2. VoongKoong

    WaveMaster II

    The front reminds me of some mummy wrap.
  3. VoongKoong


    Oh. Didn't notice that .
  4. VoongKoong


    Um...how is this necro posting? The original poster asked for the other members' opinions about the case, and we're giving it to him. Our intentions aren't to bring an old topic back... The Wave Master truly has a bad airflow setup, even with mods, it still is pretty bad. And I'm saying that Cooler Master has a LOT of much much better cases for the same or less amount of money.
  5. VoongKoong


    The Wave Master is a piece of crap. There aren't any overheating or noise issues, but this case is not a performer, and in the realm of Wave Masters, cool temperature & silence do not co-exist. Do yourself a HUGE favor and get the new Centurion. PLEASE!
  6. VoongKoong

    Show Us Your Cases!

    For laptops, the battery life varies inversely with the price .
  7. VoongKoong

    New Case! A question about fans!

    Yeah, some of the new cases these days can cool better than other cases that have 7 case fans with only 2 120's . It all depends on how the airflow is designed. More fans = loud, crazy, and messy .
  8. VoongKoong

    New Case! A question about fans!

    ...you want more fans? Why?!
  9. VoongKoong

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Superb wiring job . Anyways, did you cut out a chunk of your VGA cooler ? And what PSU is that? The Antec NeoPower?
  10. VoongKoong

    Show Us Your Cases!

    I would say that you should get rid of your Hyper 6 and use a lower profile cooler to get the air flowing.
  11. VoongKoong

    this is just TOO much

    I wonder if 7.22GHz is fast enough to not bottleneck a 7800 GTX .
  12. VoongKoong

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Your WM is THAT hot?! I get around 35 to 36C these days. But if a 120mm exhaust fan will do the job, replacing the whole removable motherboard tray system with one that has a 120mm fan will be totally awesome.
  13. VoongKoong

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Perhaps, because of tripled layered aluminum side panels for extra silence and low noise ? Anyways Infectious, do you think that the airflow could be improved with a 120mm in the back?
  14. VoongKoong

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Mr.Miyagi's previous case ?
  15. VoongKoong

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Count me in Infectious, this noisy and hot(not in a good way) Wave Master's going in the dump soon. I wish I could've bought the P180 from you Mr.Miyagi .