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  1. looks great so far karma, keep it up
  2. oh heres another pic of my case I am really not sure what to do next with it ..argh
  3. dun dis my case, leeter than yours. jkz
  4. yeah my exhaust fan is all good ..its just not on atm coz its RED ...doesn't go down too good with the green
  5. thanks for pointing that out, fixed.
  6. My rig fully finished and put together Coolermaster Praetorian P4 @ 3.2GHZ / Cooled by a zalman 7000a ALCU GigaByte IPE1000-G 512mb GeiL (pc3200) Ram Radeon 9800 PRO 128mb Generic 450 Watt all sleeved green. Stealthed CD / RW 5 Green Led Fans / soon to be controlled by a 3.5 bay controller Logitech Mx500 / icemat mousepad Creative Inspirce 5.1 5200 BenQ FP737s LCD Dell (sux) keyboard brad
  7. yeah , be careful trust me...I had a mate that killed his x800 256mb and a 200gb sata drive because of getting the wires mixed up while putting them back together .... And the store didn't take them back .
  8. haha yep they should soon try on http://www.pccasegear.com.au and also http://www.auspcmarket.com.au , auspcmarket should be your best bet...just check frequently