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  1. If i say "we" i must represent two or more people, right? ... tacker+830 They are all from Spain, and it isn´t the unique post about the price of Stacker 830... There are a lot of forums in Germany, France, UK and Spain about the (supposed) price of the Stacker 830 and the commentaries aren´t very favorable A lot of people (me included) will buy the stacker 830 if it don´t cost more than 250€ (297$). If u find reasonable pay 310€ (370$) for this case my more sincere congratulation, but i can´t say the same. ok now?
  2. I have heart 310€ too in the SIMO 2005 in Madrid. 310€ is too expensive for this case. I hope coolermaster maintain the initial price of 250$... We are waiting for this case from October and if after wait 4 months we find 100€ over the initial price we will definitively lose the patience.
  3. When we can buy Stacker 830 in Spain or Europe? I have sold my Stacked yesterday and I need a new case, but i can´t wait three moths without case. another question... Will Coolermaster make a silent case in order to compete with cases like the Lian Li Vx100 or Antec P180? I hope yes
  4. I have had this idea when i was thinking: How i can put two hard disk cooler zalman ZM2-HC2 and a 12cm fan at same time in my stacker? It works very fine. No noise, no vibration. I have make it in 30 minutes for that the cuts in the wood are not perfect. The next week i will make it better.
  5. Cooler Master Support forum -- in Spanish My opinion: [*:3sjbap72]It's presumptuous to think the rules don't apply to everyone. [*:3sjbap72]It's rude to post in a language only a select few can understand. [*:3sjbap72]Forum staff should spend at least as much time on forum duties (organization, thread/post management, researching answers to problems, editing profanity, abuse or posts that discuss illegal activity) as they do on having fun. [*:3sjbap72]Cooler Master has lost focus of the vision and mission of the forums (hint: think quality not quantity) Grump Thanks man but that forum in in Portuguese not in Spanish... (Portugal and Spain are not the same, in Brazil is spoken Portuguese, u know?) I have not insulted to anybody, I have not requested anything, single I have offered my aid, but don´t be afraid, I will not return to do it.I haven´t translate the text because i don´t write well in English and i thought that anybody of the forum could translate my text better than me... - It´s presumptuous to give an opinion without knowing the reasons of the other. In the forum in which I write in Spain enters people of other countries and we have never had problems. English, French, Italian, if they try to explain something to us we are not as bad-mannered as to throw them, we tried to understand what they say and learn... We are able to understand that they don´t must know Spanish but perhaps they have something to say us. You can erase my message, is evident that nobody understands it. Infinity, Fob, Hybrid-Mods, thanks for your good manners and to speak with moderation, I hope to have helped somebody, to the rest not be fear that you will not see me never. If someday you need something I see in the forum of noticias3d in Spain, you will be well received although if you speak in Japanese. I hope that you can understand the errors in my text, as you know my english is no good... Bye.
  6. Indeed.Sr_Lobo - in the future could you post in English please, or if your English isn't very good run your text through a translator and post the translated version, it'll make life easier for the majority of people on these forums who only speak/read English. Thanks. Oh, and welcome to the forums Good work on the hdd silencing though, I've done a similar thing (suspending my hdd's), you can see more info in this thread. Thank you. In my next posts i will try to writte all my texts in english. Man i can understand the text perfectly. I can speak very well Spanish and German, but this doesn´t mean that i dont understand nothing in english. I have a basic knowledge about ingles and in the future I will try to write all my messages in that language See you
  7. (You must be a kid... Because only a kid or a stupid can say that...) There isn´t coolermaster forum in spanish and i only speak well Spanish and German. I have no time to translate the text. Use a program to translate or learn spanish... . I only try to help, of you don´t like is very easy, don´t read the topic (for that i have wrotten in the subject "in spanish) I have post this because i think that is very useful and anybody can translate it. Thanks for translate the text freak_04.
  8. Bien pues aquí van unas fotillas y una breve explicación del proceso: En primer lugar sacamos los discos duros de su posición original en la Stacker. Los discos duros tienen en su parte inferior 4 orificios para tornillos; En esos orificios vamos a atornillar 4 tornillos normales de caja. Estos tornillos nos servirás después para sujetar las gomas. No los atornilleis de todo, dejad 2 o 3 vueltas. En la parte superior del disco duro (habitualmente cubierta con una chapa metálica) vamos a poner 12 topes de goma antideslizantes (o cualquier material análogo) en mi caso los compré en una ferretería y me costaron 2€ 60 unidades así que ya veis... Os recomiendo unos rectangulares de 3X2cm o unos redondos de 2cm de diámetro. Esos topes se van en las esquinas del disco duro en esa parte superior y va a ser el punto de unión con el cajetín y la única parte en contacto directo. En mi caso puse 3 en cada esquina, uno encima de otro, de manera que la capa aislante es bastante gruesa (sobre 2cm de espuma). Bien la colocación de los discos es perpendicular a la colocación original, es decir en vertical, apoyando la parte superior en el lateral del cajetín con los topes de goma y la perte inferior hacia el centro del cajetín con los 4 tornillos hacia dentro. Ahora es cuando entran en acción las gomas elásticas (yo utilicé las gomas de unas carpetas de la facultad de derecho ), son necesarias 2 gomas de esa longitud aproximada (sobre 50cm) y las vamos a pasar por los orificios tal y como se ve en las fotos de forma que se formen 2 "ganchitos" en el interior y es ahí donde vamos a enganchar los tornillos y por tanto los discos duros. Como podreis ver hay mucho espacio entre el cajetín y los discos de manera que se ventilan de sobra, y ya no digamos por el centro y la parte superior e inferior... Aqui teneis la colocación de 2 discos duros. Las gomas yo las he enganchado en la parte inferior y es conveniente que se tense bastante para evitar el balanceo de los discos duros. Tal y como las tengo yo no se mueven absolutamente nada, de hecho puedo mover la caja y no hay pega ninguna. Bueno con esto se consigue un nivel de silencio muy superior, en el caso de mis Barracuda 7200.7 la disminución del ruido es increible. Además la temperatura se mantiene en unos niveles excelentes gracias al ventilador del cajetín de la Stacker. Bueno pues a ver si entre todos vamos mejorando el sistema, por cierto acordaros de utilizar un cable para la estática del disco duro, lo mejor es utilizar otro tornillo y unir un cable del lateral del disco duro a la caja para que la descargue. Un saludo desde España.
  9. Hi, I wrote you from Spain (please excuse me for my bad english), i have a Coolermaster Stacker, a great case but I think it has a problem: The frontal bay, with 6 usb 2.0, firewire, frontal audio, power on and reset is horrible, it looks very cheap. It looklikes a Thermaltake or Aerocool product and Coolermaster must work better in that details. I will propose you an idea: An optional frontal panel made in Steel or aluminium, buttoms too, it will use 2 bays of 5 ¼ and will have this items: 6 frontal usb ( it must have a internal hub (8 usb, six for frontal and one for card reader), because all mainboards have only one or two frontal usb connection and with have you can switch on the six units and the card reader without lose any back usb) Frontal audio conectors. 1 Firewire Power on Reset 8x1 card reader. (connected to the internal usb provided by the hub) 3,5 bay for diskette floppy or hard disk (with that we don´t lose the extra bay that we have used) I don´t want a control fan unit or a lcd with termometro. I have a Fan control and I don´t want to pay too much money for my frontal unit. And I want to choose my fan control and don´t need to change the frontal of the case. If you put a fan control or a termometro the cost will be too big and you force people to use it because the case don´t work without power on and reset and the people want to choose the rheobus. I have one that I like very much and I don´t want to sell it or have two in my case. If you make a pretty frontal with those things the Stacker will be a very better case, and too much beauty than now. I you make it I will buy sure. I wait your opinion, see you and thanks.