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  1. phase is changing... literally... but on hold for now busy with lanparties, gaming events, school (yes SCHOOL) i've been doing some LN2 / dry ice blocks for some fun too... will post that when i'm done... theres more stuff atm to bench too... like a venice.... which is gona be on dry ice cooling is stock heatsink with a 80mm 1.5A delta on it.
  2. super pi comparison chart: these guys suck at calculating pi though
  3. yes. really. people have OC'ed this thing to about 4ghz... and its about 200mhz faster than FX series clock for clock if u realised... that link u put there had the dothan at 2.26ghz.
  4. hey guys, i'm back with new stuff comparo: cant get the dothan over 170fsb no matter what, which is ok xcept that i cant get decent ram dividers... i need a better bios!!!!! and i really don't understand why they have these weird settings.... if you are running at stock (you are supposed to, aren't u?) there's only a max ram speed of 100mhz! isnt that just DUMB? might as well start using SD ram again. running BH-5 at 200mhz is just sad. well, anyone who's interested in getting this GREAT gaming setup (beats the FX55 any day) i've got a few things to recommend... 1) get a P4M 730, or any dothan that has a ZERO at the last digit . this results in a 533fsb, and are known to go to 200fsb++ which also make all ram dividers avalible. 2) get pci-e. get a p4gd1. 3) get really low latency ram. BH-5 or TCCD 4) GFX recommendations: x800 pro VIVO 2nd hand, 6800LE, 7800GTX other than that, great CPU, beats any other cpu clock for clock, produces very little heat (its a mobile cpu) thats all folks! no, actually isnt. remember phase change? heh heh
  5. thanks. email simplyadvanced [at] gmail [dot] com
  6. i would like to buy a few server heatsinks, need some for my dual xeon server project and i also need the second one for my shuttle mod.. does anyone know where to ourchase them? and can they ship internationally?
  7. nice. what did u use to waterproof? nail polish?
  8. recently i did a cabling job for my friend, and having 9 hdds in a VERY badly designed (cable management wise) was really a headache.. oh, there were 10 inverters too if u look carefully, you'll seen 4 round IDE cables, and they took up A LOT of space. eventually i changed for some ribbon cos the round cables didnt fit. anyway, a lesson i think worth posting, dont think just becos its a newer innovation its better anyways, for those who wanna know what went inside, individual HDD activity lights to see which hdd is accessed ([edit by Jughead: read the rules], music, movies, whatever) split side panel and loads of UV stuff.
  9. the second fan seems to be a prob.... there are rivets and holes in the way
  10. agreed. looks like CRAP lol and the name 731, why call it that. cos its 1336.
  11. hahahaha... its not for me, anyway, who builds a new comp every 3 mths? a nice xp-90 going in there with some ch-5 and a 3200+ probably a 6600gt (i wanna find a good one) prepare for some modded coolers and a less ghetto style. haha... the case doesnt really need any mods besides a window cos it looks so perfect already