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    please read my HAF 932 Cooling Guide here http://forums.techpowerup.com/showpost. ... stcount=20 should answer everything.
  2. I had one more idea for the HAF 952 or any future Cooler Master case and that is suspension I think this is key because the new Antec P1000 coming out uses 3 standard hard drive cages in the 5.25" bays that fit 3 or 4 hard drives in each cage but have a option to suspend 2 hard drives in each of the 3 hard drive cages for a total of 6 suspended hard drives. suspension is the future it creates no noise the problem is it increases temperatures from 1-5'c but I think this can be combated by redesigning the Cooler Master 4:3 module to make it less restricting on air. here is a picture of a standard hard drive rack modified for suspension. http://i39.tinypic.com/2ni454z.jpg
  3. Cooler Master would be crazy not to do a black edition for this case from a marketing stand point besides NZXT Panzerbox and Beta, Cooler Master Storm Scout, Corsair Case and Antec P1000 are all black so it looks like this is starting a trend. I can guarantee you fan filters will never be in a HAF 942 or 952 the HAF stands for high air flow, fan filters impede and restrict air flow almost as much as a radiator so for example I go out and buy a low pressure silent fan $10-20 rated for 50 CFM that fan filter can restrict air flow any where from 5% to 20%. besides even with fan filters you are still going to get dust the filters them selves are not perfect and this case has massive ventilation forget fan filters what you need is a can of chemical free compressed air which pc experts have been using on a monthly basis for over 20 years.
  4. ok that didn't answer my question but heres one you could answer because even case reviewers can't give it to me. HAF 932 and majority of Cooler Master cases that use SECC usually have a beige or milky tint look. Storm Sniper, Storm Scout and HAF 922 have that shiny fake aluminum look. when I google SGCC cases (hot dip process) I get the similar shiny fake aluminum look i'm wondering if the Storm Sniper, Storm Scout and HAF 922 are made out of SGCC or is it some kind of anodized coating they put on.
  5. so any other cases aside from the Havoc?
  6. the HAF 932 motherboard access hole is a perfect square not all motherboards line up. lian li is more rectangular, longer. yes anymore cases? aside from the Black Editions... at CeBIT Cooler Master said they wanted to turn their attention to the mid tower market well they are releasing 3 new cases (Storm Scout, HAF 922, Gladiator 600) and it's not even June yet is there anything in design right now that will be ready by Q4 (Christmas) any full towers like a new Stacker or HAF 952 other than that "Havoc" chassis.
  7. I take it the "HAF 952" is in design phase if not it should be because the HAF 932 has to be a best seller already it is one of the best cases ever created it has so many cooling options enough to fit everybody's needs it has more features than cases double it's price point. I have some suggestions for the "HAF 952" every single one is doable. * Same SGCC or Anodized Coating the HAF 922 and Storm Sniper use. * Full 5.25" drive bay with Cooler Master 4:3 Module like they did for the Cosmos S because the HAF 932, 922, ATCS 840 and Storm Sniper hard drive rack is way too restrictive the rectangular holes are above the mounting bracket which means no air from the front fan makes any contact with the hard drive it blows the radiated heat away and even if it did make contact it has to pass through a sheet of metal, piece of plastic, hard drive, another piece of plastic and another sheet of metal. popping the hard drive rack out and re-seating it 90' to face the front is becoming more and more popular the only issue is when you pull the hard drive bracket out it can give you clearance issues with PCI cards. * Bigger Motherboard Access Hole like Lian Li. * Top Perforated Vent to actually stretch across the 3x 120mm x 25mm fan mounts. * Thermochill PA 120.2 and 120.3 support all that is needed is a third hole drilled on the Top, Bottom and Side Panels. * HAF 922 front bezel, less plastic. * Storm Sniper perforated expansion slot covers instead of the mesh because the mesh restricts air flow and you will find yourself cleaning them one too many times. * Remove 230mm fans they are useless they have no static pressure just about any 120mm at the same price point can outperform it at least up the voltage or replace them with the 200mm in the Cosmos S this is High Air Flow not a HTPC. * Remove Hex Screws on 230mm Fans. * Better paint job because it chips and scratches too easily. * Fan Controller like the Storm Sniper because some aftermarket Fan Controllers like the NZXT Sentry LX have only 4 watts per channel and cannot control the 230mm fans since they require some power to startup. * Space the second or add a third support bar to the top Power Supply mount to fully accommodate the length of EPS (entry-level power supplies). * Change 5v LED to 3v LED, too bright. * Unscrewable Power Supply Bottom Cover like the Top. one question after the release of the Gladiator 600 is Cooler Master done for the year? Thank you.