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  1. you can get an aquagte at newegg for 129.00
  2. Pill Box?? If youre talking about my Hellraiser mod thats true it Was in Cpu magazines March issue as the Mad Reader Mod. Got myself a 1500$ Gift cetificate for that one yeah, sry i ment puzzlebox
  3. ClydeFrog

    CM Aero Blower

    clean it out! Look at the dust!!!!!
  4. That pill box mod was in Max Pc or CPU
  5. Hey its that the new kit thats on FrozenCpu? Hopw do you like the storm waterblock?
  6. hey i am looking to buy a Stacker, but i am waiting on the ATI Crossfire boards to built a new system, any chance i can still get a black side window?
  7. do your speakers make weird sounds when a cell phone is nearby, becuase i have those same ones and mine make some weird a$$ sounds
  8. yeah, sry, i would have to agree with you, with the cases coming in the future, i am not in the market for a CM case
  9. wow how much did all 3 of those cost!!!!
  10. man i want a good watercooling setup
  11. yeah, dude i am getting that same clicking sound, i am ready to throw it out of the window