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  1. I luv you man.... and I don't even know you..
  2. sklbns27, I have edited my post to remove any confusion, wish I could order 16 stackers, but the choice was...... 16 stackers or...... save the money for a new nforce4 SLI mb, 2 x nvidia 6800 pci-e vid. card and an amd64 FX55 cpu.....
  3. Great news bigbadbns... took the risk and ordered mine from cirotech (along wth 16 other peep so far.. according to the sales clerk) they (cirotech) think they are getting approx. 20 so I hope they do... Time now to sit back and and experience some marketing cognitive dissonance on a product I haven't even received/bought yet. Edited to remove the confusion of whether or not "I" ordered 16 stackers.
  4. Tx for all the replies so far.... excuse my ignorance but does the RP 450 have any of the 6-pin PCI-E connectors, I didn't see any in the pictures/descriptions... I'm looking at getting one of the nforce4 SLI mb's (when more are available) and they can take (2) pci-e vid. cards (so would need (2) connectors).. are there converter plugs for this? or do i need to do the mod myself. Is the RP 450 BTX "ready".
  5. Hey all... I know it's my decision but I was hoping that the experts would be able to sway me to one of the following power supplies. They are not all equal (watts etc) but they seem to be the ones most peep recommend. 1 CM Real Power 450w 2. Seasonic Super Silencer 400 (SS-400AGX Active PFC) (460w avail. soon/fall) 3. OCZ PowerStream 470w... but would prefer the 520w ... wer_supply 4. 500W Ultra X-Connect Modular Power Supply.. haven't seen enough reviews yet. Tx for all/any help.
  6. Tx Bigbadbns.... will all the resellers be selling/offering it at the same time or will a "few" choice ones (newegg, zipzoomfly etc) have it first.
  7. Tx for the replies.... Actually I am a Kiwi (New Zealander) but I live in Michigan. USA but I have family in the U.K and Australia (hence the question about UK and Australia) Well that brief look into my life was bought to you compliments of CoolerMaster...the company that will bring the black window over to the U.S to make everyone happy... you want everyone to be happy don't you?
  8. Hey All... noob in the house. Was just about to order the silver CM Stacker from newegg when I stumbled across the CM forums... glad I did... Other vote for the Black CM Stacker.... any news when it might clear customs and reach the stores? It's also not good news about the black clear side panel either....what's up with that? will they be available anywhere? (Uk? Australia?)