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  1. I checked the temp circuit for the coolant tank and found it was in the 10K range. Picked up a 10k thermistor from Radio Shack and wired into CPU temp circuit and it works great. My issue was that I bought an Aquagate from Frozen CPU and it was missing the thermal probe, I wanted to get the machine running until I can get the proper sensor.But in a pinch, this is a pretty good solution. Just place the tip of the sensor against the side of the CPU core and hot glue in place-mine is reading within 5F of bios and monitor.
  2. I just installed an Aquagate system but the thermal sensor was missing from the box. I would like to put a resistor or potentiometer in the circuit so I can use the system unitl I get the part. Does anyone know what a nominal value in OHMS is for a functioning sensor at around 70-80 F? Thanks in advance!