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  1. I'm just about out - any idea where to buy more? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the input - wasn't sure if temps were okay.
  3. Hiyas, when running games my case with the aqua gate internally mounted and stock fans, I run pretty hot - water temp reaches up to 45c (web browsing at 35c on water as a reference point). Looking for maybe case fan suggestions to get it a bit cooler. My pc does sit inside a wooden work desk, back if fully open, I keep front door open as well. I am also using a fan on the top blowing out. P4 3.0ghz E, ati 9800 pro, corsair platinum heat spreader ram, only barely oc'ing sometimes - 3.150ghz max. Thanks for your input. Maybe my temp is fine but to keep the aquagate from beeping, i have to always be on fan setting 3. PS. used as4 grease on install and have double/triple checked to ensure aquagate is full.
  4. I have the Aquagate in my wavemaster case and it works just fine (3.0GhzE PRescott). Normally keep my door open because I can and it is certainly better for airflow, but I'm sure it's fine if you keep the door closed. Not sure why anyone would purchase the Aquagate if they didn't want to internally install it...
  5. I already e-mailed for sensors last night (from Texas). Just redid the AS5 compound last night so it hasn't been very long. Regardless of readings, I would think water temperature would be a really good gauge of CPU temperature - I have seen it get as high as 40c under MMORPG load so far. Using stock fans on wavemaster (put one on top of case as well in lieu of the USB interface panel) - it's blowing out as an FYI. Thanks for the responses.
  6. Hi, was wondering if anyone has a basic idea of what temperatures my Aquagate should be reading in my Wavemaster case, P4, 1Ghz ram, ATI 9800 pro, enermax coolergain PSU. Just used AS5 thermal compound according to website and am reading 35C on the water tank and 53C according to my Motherboard (MSI 875P Neo). Would think for just web browsing I would get in Mid 40s - MSI temperature might not be working that well I guess. Thermal sensor is on my RAM atm as the one that came with the unit was defective and the only spare I had won't reach to the water block area. Thanks!