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  1. The Cosmos will soon to hit a retail store or online store near you! More info please, will be basing my next rig build on this
  2. Think you wanted Quietermaster.
  3. Could be a faulty thermal cable? Does your bios setup have a CPU temp monitor function? What temp is it running at?
  4. Time for its annual bump already? I hope you have a TFT by now ;D
  5. Not really pushing it as hard as the usual gaming machine as I am testing Vista on it, but the reservoir says its at 25-35, but I haven't really stress tested it as much I want to
  6. Woo for bumping threads, but I finally managed to get some snaps done the other night while I was installing the last version of Vista so I could test something in Internet Explorer 7 iwthout having to install it on my main rig, anway... I'd like to think that this: http://www.electronicpunk.com/rigpimpag ... nside1.JPG is slightly better than: http://www.electronicpunk.com/rigpimpag ... l_View.jpg Just noticed I need to throw in more of those tacky blue things, I took out the Audigy2 and smashed it. Was that wrong? Well it annoyed me, what can I say - would fail if my PC was ever and caused all kinds of problems. Anyway, pretty please with how it all worked out even tho I was only supposed to have this as a test rig and not pimp it out at all, shame it has no sidewindow but I think how closely it fits together an the feign blue glow where the healtsync lets light escape works really well. For more shots in funky slideshow format, check out: http://www.electronicpunk.com or http://www.electronicpunk.com/rigpimpage365/ Pics alone can be found at: http://www.electronicpunk.com/rigpimpage365/images/ Once again thanks to Bryant and co. for bringing me the parts to CES, otherwise it would have just been another boring PC.
  7. OOoh interesting idea about the fan at the back, not sure if I have the room sadly. CAn't go wrong at least trying it out for that price
  8. Would have been concerned if you had trouble plugging a PCI card into a PCI slot.
  9. I managed to fit a Hyper 6+ in mine - I am pretty sure that is bigger. Hard to tell tho really. http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/xoxide/z ... -led-6.jpg The fan does not seem to go higher than the PSU (which would of course bad) you may need to remove the plastic from the sidepanel, but it works out quite well, check out
  10. 1. Ultimately the same I reckon. But I would prob say try and get it so air from outside the case is moving into the case.
  11. Yeah its enormous, kinda upset me that I had to start keeping my PC on a carpetted floor
  12. Yeah I am quite happy with the fans in my 732, unless you just wanna straight sawp em with uv ones
  13. Copied and edited for content from my blog at http://www.electronicpunk.com It was going so well but then disaster struck. I think I gave my PC a bit of whiplash when trying to get the air out. I ordered a motherboard and CPU last week but didn't have a chance to get it all sorted. It had been so long since I saw Vista that I really have to make it a priority. So I found a little time to do what I was dreading to do, take my old motherboard out and replace it with a new motherboard. I made this easy for myself by effectively making it an upgrade. 3400+ --> 3700+ stunning eh? Obviously taking a motherboard out is not the most fun you can have on a Sunday evening, especially when the graphics card is attached to the nortbridge with a cooler, so I had to remove the cooler from the motherboard first while keeping the graphics card out while remember that both of those were attached to the hard drive and liquid cooling unit, respectively. I managed to do it though with a little help. I then had to remount the Nortbridge cooler while the motherboard was still unattached while taking care of a loose 6800 Ultra that was left flapping around. All went well though and after carefully putting everything back into place... would it boot? No. What did I expect? I bought the motherboard on eBay for £25 - it came in the wrong box and looked like the static package had been opened. But it had got further, it would actually power up! I removed the graphics card - twice and then eventually it posted - damage perhaps from the enormous cooler that it used to have (replaced now of course with the nice lightweight one) and it posted and booted into Windows Vista, awesome. Work since the last shots obviously includes the new CPU and motherboard, I have also taken a little time to feed more wires around the back carefully and it is starting to look really nice indeed. I am still a little concerned that there is air inside the watercooling system, but I am not going to make the same mistake twice and shake it, I will just let it deal with the air itself and take a look at it now and then and properly fill the resovoir. The front of the LCU also managed to take a bit of damage but that can be easily sorted. I also reconnected the CDROM and wired it into the motherboard with an additional IDE cable, but even then it still looks alot tidier than the most up to date screenshot on this site. I will take a few more tonight, but I still have a bit of work to do, but from the open side it is starting to look fairly complete, the hardest part now is finding a way of connecting the power into the LCU itself to try and maintain the minimalist look I always strive for. I can either drill a hole in the backside and feed it throught there and make it completely invisible or find a way to feed it through the front, I think it is going to have to be the first option as it will make things alot tidier. I will try and post some updated shots when I can and I just know you are looking forward to them! ;D
  14. Price is the least of my worries, but value is a different matter. If something is expensive, but has everything else I am looking for I'll buy it.
  15. First thing I looked for with my last PSU was that it met the minimum requirement for an SLI 7800 rig (basically it had the SLI mark of approval), had a read to see what others were using and then chose the one I thought looked best. For one rig it was a quiet but powerful SLI one, for the other rig without SLI I thought I would try out the modular PSU as they are so much tider (and as a result I am much happier using em) Don't want to be entered into the comp, just my 2c and seeing as you gave me that Northbridge watercooler already - I really would have nowhere to put it
  16. I flew to the states to get mine. Easy. *ahem*
  17. Never really liked it, but I guess it is for when you use the main unit externally?
  18. Info on the tubing that comes with the Aquagate can be found here: click
  19. Cheers all, still shaping up nicely! I did a little more work which I was dreading, removing the motherboard and getting the northbridge cooler in place as well as a few of the tubes, didn't take any shots though as I am lazy. Also managed to remove the white ended connectors that go into the Aquagate from the old tubes - those things really don't like being removed at all! Was so tired after that, couldn't go any further! Today I have done quite alot, including getting all the tubes cut and fitted and reconnecting the minimal amount needed to test things. When I was putting things back together, it became clear that there was not enough room to fit the hard drive with the additional cooler so sadly it came off, I also had to move the hard drive right to the top as I couldn't fit the Aquagate in properly because of the fan that sits at the top of the case. Was easily moved though and won't cause me any more problems. Having just returned from Las Vegas I am obviously into the whole betting thing so I decided to do the leak test with all the hardware in place, paid off though! But obviously could have gone very wrong. When I turned it on it made a :) of a noise as well as beeping and I was rather upset thinking I had done something rather wrong, but it could have just been a low liquid warning (does it have that?) because as I topped it up as liquid started passing around the system it soon went off. The gushing noise, that also had me quite concerned as well soon stopped and I was quite please at how quiet it was even with both sides removed. The internal view is still quite messy and ridden with finger prints and muck, but obviously not of too much concern at the moment as I can tidy that up once I am happy (and I am now happy) that things are working. There are still quite a few pockets or air inside the system so I won't be closing it up until I have had the chance to "shake" the case a little and finish topping up the Aquagate. I decided to leave enough spare tubing so that I would have the ability to pull out the Aquagate without having to disconnect it, this seems to work quite well and gave me a little more room to hide tubes, for example pushed one around the behind the CPU cooler, which is fine. The Aquagate took a bit of a bash at some point and a little paint has chipped off but I will be able to touch that up with no problems once I am closer to finishing up. Obviously the PCI card thinger isn't in yet, not sure what I am gonna do with it yet, fix it to a slot or remove the backplate and try and hide it? Either way it will look lovely when I am done! But it can just sit where it is for the time being, I don't think I am going to use the sensor to check any important temperatures - I can keep an eye on the system by looking at the water tank temperature and all seems to be well at the moment.
  20. Sadly the blue caddy had to come of the HDD as it wouldn't fit between the DVD drive and the space that will be reserved for the Aquagate unit itself... ah well will have to just be watercooled More tonight hopefully.
  21. It is too wide for a 4-3 in 3 module, but maybe I can get a fan in there somewhere -- hehe