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  1. The Cosmos will soon to hit a retail store or online store near you! More info please, will be basing my next rig build on this
  2. Think you wanted Quietermaster.
  3. Could be a faulty thermal cable? Does your bios setup have a CPU temp monitor function? What temp is it running at?
  4. Time for its annual bump already? I hope you have a TFT by now ;D
  5. Not really pushing it as hard as the usual gaming machine as I am testing Vista on it, but the reservoir says its at 25-35, but I haven't really stress tested it as much I want to
  6. Woo for bumping threads, but I finally managed to get some snaps done the other night while I was installing the last version of Vista so I could test something in Internet Explorer 7 iwthout having to install it on my main rig, anway... I'd like to think that this: http://www.electronicpunk.com/rigpimpag ... nside1.JPG is slightly better than: http://www.electronicpunk.com/rigpimpag ... l_View.jpg Just noticed I need to throw in more of those tacky blue things, I took out the Audigy2 and smashed it. Was that wrong? Well it annoyed me, what can I say - would fail if my PC was ever and caused all kinds of problems. Anyway, pretty please with how it all worked out even tho I was only supposed to have this as a test rig and not pimp it out at all, shame it has no sidewindow but I think how closely it fits together an the feign blue glow where the healtsync lets light escape works really well. For more shots in funky slideshow format, check out: http://www.electronicpunk.com or http://www.electronicpunk.com/rigpimpage365/ Pics alone can be found at: http://www.electronicpunk.com/rigpimpage365/images/ Once again thanks to Bryant and co. for bringing me the parts to CES, otherwise it would have just been another boring PC.
  7. OOoh interesting idea about the fan at the back, not sure if I have the room sadly. CAn't go wrong at least trying it out for that price
  8. Would have been concerned if you had trouble plugging a PCI card into a PCI slot.
  9. I managed to fit a Hyper 6+ in mine - I am pretty sure that is bigger. Hard to tell tho really. http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/xoxide/z ... -led-6.jpg The fan does not seem to go higher than the PSU (which would of course bad) you may need to remove the plastic from the sidepanel, but it works out quite well, check out
  10. 1. Ultimately the same I reckon. But I would prob say try and get it so air from outside the case is moving into the case.
  11. Yeah its enormous, kinda upset me that I had to start keeping my PC on a carpetted floor