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    CM 690 Pure

    Thank you very much
  2. batsdecrud

    CM 690 Pure

    Hi, Planning to go in for the new HD5970. Will it fit in a CM690 Pure chassis?
  3. Thats a big relief. Thanks a lot.
  4. I just bought a V 10 and you mean I now have to upgrade it?
  5. What is an upgrade kit for the V10?
  6. Dr Torchwood Please check your PM and thank you for your help and suggestions.
  7. Great. Thanks thats the first clear and unequivocal opinion I've seen about these cards. Thanks a million. Must be a plenty of people who are facing the same dilemma and your reply I believe would surely help them too. Many many thanks and have a good day. Will post pics of my rig when its done.
  8. I see and how relevant is DX 10.1? Does it mean I have to upgrade again next year coz I read somewhere that Win 7 has only DX 11. Also whats with the PhysX and CUDA on the GTX 295?
  9. Thanks neverXmiss. That surely helped. Much appreciated especially the pics. By VFM I mean value for money. Sorry. After reading so much on the net and forums I am also leaning towards the x2. Of course its also cheaper.About the GTX 295. Is it true that it doesn't support DX 11 and the x2 does. I mean how important is DX 11 in light of windows 7. My reading hasn't thrown up much light but then I may be reading or looking in the wrong places and is the PhysX and CUDA really relevant at present or at least for the next one year?
  10. @ neverXmiss I've seen this being debated all over the net with no one being able to agree but I've got to ask it since you have a somewhat similar setup. Would the HD 4870x2 be better VFM than the GTX 295 seeing as the two cards are almost similar except in pricing?. (i'm trying to avoid SLI /CF) Thank you also for your helpful insight.
  11. That what I call clear headed thinking. Your logic is impeccable. Thats why I peg myself at no 3. Its so easy to be misled by what you read on the net. Thanks for clearing that up. Much appreciated Sir.
  12. Dr. Torchwood, a small correction. I just read on the net that the GTX 295 does not fully support Direct X 10.1/11 and it works best with a 24" above monitor. Now my monitor is a 22" with a resolution of 1680 x 1050 which would be a waste of card. So wouldn't it be pointless to get the card?
  13. I've already bought a V10 for my new system which I will be building of the following parts 1. ASUS P6T Deluxe 2. Core i7 920 3. CM 690 with 4 120 mm Fans (air cooling) (Though my computer shop says the HAF 922 would be better. I like the CM 690) 4. 6 GB of Corsair XMS3 RAM 5.Western Digital Black 1 TB and Seagate Free Agent Desk 1 TB 6.Logitech MX 5500 combo 7. DELL SP 2209WA monitor.(in transit) 8.DVD writers 9.V10 Cooler 10.1.4 Kva pure sine wave UPS inverter 11. Linksys WRT 610N wireless router What do you think ?. I've been building my own systems for about 2 years now so I would'nt say I'm a total n00b as such, say on your scale I would peg myself at a 3. As such, I would very much appreciate any suggestions on how to make a better build as I've yet to put the whole thing together. By the way the triple card system must be a monster. What case is that in? Difficult to make out from the pic. A small question if you don't mind. I have another system with a ASUS P5Q Deluxe mobo, Q9550 processor, 4 gigs RAM, ASUS EAH 4870 512MB graphics. Can I crossfire a Palit Dual cooler 4870 1 GB card in the same system. My OS is Win XP pro.
  14. Dr. Torchwood I hope you're having a great weekend too. I mean wow that was the most comprehensive and detailed answer ever. The pics are great. It must have been quite an effort to put that together. I really really appreciate it. Thank you so much. Guess the only way I can be sure of the card is to try it out. Thank for a super great answer. Will definitely let you know and will post some pics. You definitely rock.
  15. Will an nVidia GTX 295 mounted on an ASUS P6T deluxe motherboard fit in a CM 690 chasis.?