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  1. Yes sir the 200mm fan has been removed. It's not a big deal as a zip tie works fine for one end to hole it up. Its the hole pattern spacing thats off. I can put 2 seperate 120mm fans up there just not the rad. I may just take a picture for you it would explain it better than I lol..
  2. 1st off thanks for the Reply. But I fail to see what difference it would make whether it installed inside or outside of case. The holes don't magically change spacing do they? BTW I have it installed on the inside of case. *EDIT* I took measurements (in mm) of my two cases hole pattern long side as follows: In Win - 0 - 10.5 - 12 - 22.5 <---H100, RX240 Rad & EX240 Rad fits HAF922 - 0 - 10.5 - 12.5 - 23 <---H100, RX240 Rad & EX240 Rad doesn't fit.
  3. Hi all I have the above case and had a H100 handy so I thought I'd put it in. The problem I ran into was the 120mm fan holes don't line up with the radiator. I can get four in but the other four are off approx 1/4". the radiator has fit in a IN WIn Dragon Rider case no problems. I guess my question is are the 120mm fan mounting holes a standard pattern or off from other standard hole patterns. such as the radiator?
  4. Hi I have had the V8 in a HAF 922 for about 6 months now but have replaced the fan to a NB-Black Silence fan, 75CFM @ 2000 RPM. I love the V8 cooling potential. I have a Q9550 on an EP45-UD3P rev 1.1 and i can run 4.25 GHz in the low to mid 70's. What I am wondering is what is the proper way to torque the nuts on the V8? When I think I have them snug enough one or more sides of the bracket may not touch the motherboard. So I tighten them down till the all touch and tight but I think to myself this may be to tight.. Is either of the aformentioned correct?
  5. I know this is way late but no the V8 will fit just fine. But you already know that by know.
  6. Conners

    HAF 922 Fans

    I never got around to thanking you for the fan information boredgunner. I love those 120 mm blue fans, although their not as advertised. A fan controller takes care of the noise instead of a straight 12v hookup. Again I'm overclocking my Q9550 and this case and fns have easily dropped my motherboard temps 10°C and in general all temps atleast 5°C.
  7. Conners

    HAF 922 Fans

    Thanks for that info...I couldn't find those fans to save my life. Hate to ask but I didn't see the 120mm fans either. I plan on front, side, top 200mm and rear 120mm all blue. Thanks in advance!
  8. Conners

    HAF 922 Fans

    Hi all, I bought this case last week and was wanting to replace all the fans with blue ones. Any Idea of the part numbers for them? Thanks in advance!
  9. Conners

    CM V8 Fan

    Thanks for the reply. That's what i was thinking and GB confirmed it. I must have the newer vission cause I can 2100+
  10. Conners

    CM V8 Fan

    Hi all, I'm new in these here parts. I have the aformentioned CUP Cooler ans in Easy Tune 6 every once in a while my alarm will go off and it says ) RPM. Then in a second or two it's ok. Speed fan never shows it went to O and CUPID does every now and then. Do you peeps it's a glitch in ET6 or do you think there really is a problem? thanks in advance.