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  1. Arg I do not have the necessary tools for that! Doesnt anywhere sell a window kit that isnt 12 inches then suddenly 17? I need 16 inches damnit
  2. How would I cut the plexi? I heard it has a high tendency to chip.
  3. I want to use that window kit On the Praetorian: ... _class=289 The problem: The pretorian's side panel is 19.6 inches x 17.8 inches. the window is 17 inches by 11 inches. I want to put the window in vertically so it shows as much as possible. That will leave me .4 inches of space on the top and bottom. Is this bad?
  4. I have decided I will probably cut my own window. Have any recommendations for window kits?
  5. Hmm now that I look at it again, they do look clear Heh I suppose I can reconsider. BTW, a bit off topic but is ripping out all the fans a bad thing? I will be using reserator 1 water cooling and a phantop 350 fanless psu. I should not need case fans right?
  6. Cooler master cases look really cool. However there are two things that are killing me about them. I dont think I will get one because of these two things: 1. Why are the only window color choices blue or green? Why not just clear? This really confuses me. 2. No lock. Bad for LAN parties. Please prove me wrong