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  1. Yes the missing dustfilters in the HAF 932 are the biggest reason I have always been more interested in buying the ATCS840 case. I still cannot believe that CM made such a huge design flaw by leaving out the dustfilters on the HAF 932 in the first place, and even worse (many reviews later in which this design flaw has been mentioned time and time again) leaving them out AGAIN in the only recently released HAF 922. If the HAF 932 would have had dustfilters I probably would have bought one, as it is, I'm now still waiting for CM to release the all black version of the ATCS 840 (IMO, another CM blunder to not release an all-black version right away, it's one of their top models). Still, it would be great if these dustfilters finally came available to HAF 932 owners so they don't have to mess around with ladies' underwear in their computers! Anyway, CM builds great cases for fair prices. What about releasing a revised "HAF 932 V2" case which would have: 1. an all-black interior and backside 2. easy removable and washable dustfilters on all intake fans 3. a less powerful power LED 4. USB ports on the frontside that are NOT upside-down! (5. and personally: a side window without the ugly criss-cross stripes) A HAF V2 like that would make me reconsider buying the ATCS840.
  2. Great news, and glady you could fix it yourself. I'd love to see some pics of your windowed 840. If I ever get the 840 I'm gonna place a window as well.
  3. Same here, also still waiting ... it will be an instant buy if CM finally starts delivering them! Come on CM!!!
  4. That's freakin' beautiful man!!! Awesome job!
  5. Yeah post'em if ya gottem! :-) I can't see enough pics of this near-perfect case!
  6. Btw boredgunner, it looks like you forgot to remove the paper motherboard template. I don't think it's supposed to be there when you put your mobo in. May be it's nothing to worry about, I don't know but it's the first time I see it.
  7. Thanks for the info boredgunner. Good to hear that about the cable management cut outs. I would still prefer to see some handles or grips of some sort on a huge case like this. About the window, you're right it's centered, however IMO it would have been better if CM made the window taller and not so wide so that the view would focus more on the mobo area and psu. As it is now I think I could hardly see the CPU area when I place the case on the floor. Anyway, hopefully the revised and all-black 840 will be released soon! At the moment I think it's still the best case out there, however I'm also looking at the HAF 932 but that one is not all-black either and, even worse, it has NO air-filters!!! and Corsair is also coming with an all-black case. Comon CM ... your customers are waiting! :-)
  8. I've only registered to show my serious interest in this awesome case! Like many others, I'm also waiting desperately for the ***ALL BLACK*** ATCS 840 version (outside, complete inside and, don't forget .. the backside!) of this case. Why CM did not release the 840 in all-black RIGHT AWAY is beyond me, it's one of their flagship models that is destined for great success but now many ppl are holding off their purchase of this near-perfect case because it's NOT all-black! Completely black cases are what ppl want at the moment! Besides that I agree with the wishlist above and, to add to that list; 1. from what I've been reading here and other places, it looks like some of the holes on the tray could have been positioned better for easier cable management. 2. the side panel window that's now officially available for the 840, it seems the window on this panel is placed too much to the right side of the case (showing the sides of the drive brackets), IMO it would have been better if the window was placed more to the left side of the case, concentrating the view on the mobo area! 3. and lastly, a handle/handles of some sort to handle this massive case a bit easier would be welcomed by me! Anyway, could anyone from CM tell us when we can expect the improved ATCS 840 "Black Edition" in stores? I really want to buy this improved all-black version but if it's still many months away I will probably buy a different case from an other brand.