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  1. Can any one tell me how to add a more powerful fan to a Coolermaster V8? What fan would provide extra static pressure & more CFM to increase cooling? Will the wattage & amps work with a P6T MB? How to wire a fan to the 4 wire pin on the Asus pt6 motherboard and if possible to wire the adjustable switch? Would a 120x120x35mm fan fit or work? I haven't measured the gap. I don't mind a little extra noise but don't want a jet engine (50dbs). I have had Temp problems since new. I lapped & tried everything I know to keep my temps low. I finally found a website that addressed my biggest problem. It's translated from French. ... -2.htmland My IHS & Cooler base were not making good contact even after lapping (see article 6 pg 6-9). Also I found that after lapping it changes your mounting height. I had to redo my mount. I put shorter O-rings under the cooler feet and replaced the screws with nylon 6-32 screws. I also had to sand my cooler base to match the CPU IHS. I used High spot bluing (Prussian bluing) to mark & remove the high spots till I got good contact across the IHS. This is an technique machinist & Tool and mold makers use to match mating pieces together. I have gotten my Load temps to 69C on a mild 3.2 OC with minimum Voltage settings with 1600 ddr3. I would like to go to 3.6 or 3.8 but don't want to go much above 70C. I have 6 case fans and have tried them in different configurations. Two of the fans are 72 CFM, one above the HD slots in the front and one at the top rear. The others are around 32CFM. This is not counting the CPU & PS fans. If adding a more powerful fan will not help, I am considering changing to a different air cooler or possibly going to water-cooling . Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. After reading different forums and reviews, It seems that the stock fan is inadequate and the fin spacing and orientation do not allow proper airflow. I am disappointed with my experience with the V8. I have an i7-920, Asus p6t Mb, 800 W Cyberpower PS, Nivdia 260 Video, 6-1600 ddr3 ram, Coolermaster Centurion 590 Case with 6 case fans (two are 72 CFM) 2-250 raid0 & 1-500 data HD, Vista 64 OS.
  2. Thanks, I Believe you are correct on the Voltages. I manually put them in and it brought my temps. down to a stable 73C for over 10 min of Prime 95. I would like them lower and i will continue to tweak. My V-8 fan is Blowing hot air directly into the rear case exhaust fan. If anyone has an optomized 3.2 Freq, Bios setup, for an i7 920, with a ASUS p6t and 6 GHz 1600 XMP DDR3, I would appreciate your Bios Setting and Temps with a CM-V8, or other similar coolers or setups. I'm also open to more suggestions on improving my cooling. Thanks for the reply. Blessed Again
  3. Sorry i didn't realize i was posting on the product suggestions page that was what I was reading when I Posted. If this is a problem please move my "Help I need more cooling" to the appropriate forum. Thanks Blessed again
  4. Help, i'm a newbee. I have a new cyberpower built Extreme XT with: Coolermaster 590 centurion case, Coolermaster v8 with i7 920 and asus pt6 with 6mb -1600 ram, a 260 video card and a CP 800w PS. I am very pleased with the build so far but have not been able to achieve a mild OC of 3.2 without my temps climbing past 77-78C after a few minutes of load with prime 95. I have added three extra 120mm fans for a total of 5. One in the lower side panel, one on the top rear of the case and an extra one in the front. I have moved the fans in different configurations and they have helped but I'm afraid to go higher than 75C. I swapped the rear fan with a 70CFM and put the orginal in the front above the original. I'm trying to optimize the airflow straight through the V8. I'm not sure if these are normal temps for 3.2 OC or if my V8 is performing as it should. Do i need to remove the V8 and check the thermal paste, lap the cooler or what do i need to do to keep my temps acceptable. Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated. Remember i am a newbee and don't assume i understand all the lingo.