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  1. I got the aquagate mini R80, and my P4 540 3.2GHz running at 3.9Ghz(954 fsb) idles with ac on at around 18-19 and without ac 22-25 and under heavy load goes up to like 28-30..bear in mind i used AS5 and cured it for 1 day before i placed the waterblock on the cpu...My mobo and also asus probe reads almost the same temps just like 1-2 degrees difference...
  2. I ordered an Aquagate Mini R120 and by accident i received the R80.My question is can the 80mm rad. fit at the back of the C5, cause i can get one to use until the company send me the R120...
  3. So is it possible to change the tubing and the liquid..? Or would it disrupt its performance..? This piece really looks promising so i might get one for my intel setup
  4. i think the new aquagate would be able to push fluid through more than just a cpu block, also a gpu block and a NB block..
  5. If you plan on overclocking u should definately go with the mini...Both the hyper 6+ and the mini are good, but when the processor starts to throw of heat the hyper 6+ is gonna release a little bit of it into the case so then u'll definately need a well cooled case..while with the mini alot more of that heat is gonna be taken care of using liquid me, to have a fan constantly blowing on a radiator the water gets cold enough, so it'l definately be able to handle an overclocked processor...
  6. the SATA drives carry both power connectors..the 4pin molex and the SATA pwr connector,as long as u have extra 4pin pwr cables its not necessary to use the SATA pwr cables...
  7. i'm not too familiar with the C5 and the meter...why exactly can't u get it to mount..are the holes not lined up properly..?If u can get some pics that'll help alot...i'm gonna try to contact one of the mods to help u.. i only have experience with the wavemaster and the wattage meter so far...
  8. ok first of all when connecting the front panel check with ur mobo manual to identify which group of connector u'll be using..then identify the wires for each item(HDD LED,PWR LED,RST SWTetc....)and in the manual it should direct u to which wires u're gonna have to use for what....If u look closely on the mobo where the connectors are u'll see the labels for each item..remember negative wires would be color coded white and black and the positive ones could be any other color... Secondly: If the case fans use a 4 pin connector u'll have to connect them directly to the PSU ....and they usually have a yellow wire that hangs out along side with a 3 pin connector the monitors the speed of the fan....If u want to connect the fans directly to the mobo u'll have to get an adapter like this one or u just get a set of new CM fans that have 3pin power connectors
  9. I've had my setup for about 5-6 mths and my specs are similar to urs... ASUS P5GD2-Deluxe,LGA 775 3.2@3.85(air cooled),1GB Corsair XMS2PRO,Radeon X700PRO,Maxtor 200GB SATA and powered by an Ultra X-connect 500W PSU....When my system is idle for about 2hrs or more my cpu temps are 28 -30, and my system goes to like 26.When i'm gaming for like 5-6 hrs non-stop (Counter Strike Source) cpu goes to like 38-40 and system is like 36....One thing that'll help make sure that the thermal paste is cured for like about 1 day(thats how long i left mine for) and just keep ur case in an open space, it helps the flow of air within the system...e.g if its up against a wall the exhaust fan would blow hot air and it'll bounce off that wall and then it'll end up right back into the system through the intake just keep it in an open space, it'll work out better...
  10. Cobra19

    CM Stacker Question

    i asked those same questions when i was building my board ASUS P5GD2-Deluxe is a 24 pin and my x-connect psu has a 20 pin ...just connect it the same way u'll just have 4 extra pins or just buy the 20-24 pin cable from here ... 24680433... I've have mine connected with a 20 pin connector for a while and had no problems..
  11. First of all its nothing big to worry about..i have the same prob with mine, my mobo is the ASUS P5GD2 Deluxe and it has 3 pin fan connectors.....but i have my cpu cooler connected to a fan controller and thats y my mobo is saying "Cpu fan error" everytime i start..but if u want to use the mobo connector just get a 4-3 pin connector but overall its not a big problem so don't worry...
  12. Cobra19

    Favorite CM Case Poll

    I would join Voongkoong with the stacker cause of its roomy interior and exterior u can do soo much with it and its also a very sturdy structure(built to last)
  13. my board cam with them but i used most of them on my old system...i have one left ..if u want it u can have it...but its how u gonna get it....?
  14. But hey didn't your mobo come with some colored ribbons ...