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  1. bigapl

    Wavemaster Top panel

    If it were my Razer mouse or digital camera I would raise holy :) but the drive can be replaced, Maybe they will send some schwag for comp LOL... Either way they are getting me a new panel and I can be happy again.
  2. bigapl

    Wavemaster Top panel

    Sent an email out to Lucy and I have a new panel coming soon! Just I lost my thumb drive I know it was small but it was reliable.. Oh well maybe I can win one somewhere or catch a great deal..
  3. I have the Blue wavemaster and all of a sudden the system shuts down when a USB device is plugged into the top panel, I tried 2 differant headers on the mobo to connect it and this still happens. I now have a 128meg Sandisk Cruzer that is toast from this. The rear ports are fine and another usb connector works fine on the same headers. Is this a common problem and how do I get my hands on a replacement part?
  4. bigapl

    Cav 3

    Great I thought it would but with all the people here I knew someone was using the same setup!! Thanks guys
  5. bigapl

    Cav 3

    I have a Cav3 that was reviewed for and am wondering if the PSU in it will support a AMD64 3000, one HDD, one cdrw, and a 6800GT. The case is great I ended up raffling it off to a Lan Party participant at our last event and am now helping them build a sweet gaming rig!!
  6. I have personally reviewed both the Seasonic and the Cm and the Cm is far superior!!
  7. I would love to review one of those they look sweet , I have a lan game server the same color!!!!
  8. I would have to say if I had my choice and funding for any Cooler Master case the Wavemaster in blue with the Cooler Master window is it all the way!!!!!
  9. Why do I never wait for the new revisions on products!
  10. Dang I hope it is a regular PSU I will have to get yet another case for my new system in 3 or 4 months just because it looks much better than the Overture
  11. May I make a suggestion for future units the mesh grill on the front is super noisy on speed 3 I wanted to suggest using a honeycomb stamped grill instead. I have removed it all together and the differance is night and day.
  12. Also check to be sure the reservoir temp is set higher than preset or it will do that aslo..
  13. Have you looked to see if you fluid level is low? I had the same issue and it was just low!
  14. bigapl

    WaveMaster copy????

    Well their grilles are very restrictive and their design is poor for proper airflow.