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  1. Idle temps are like 28-33C. Room ambient is 22.3C (72F) I reseated the heatsink with the paste it came with and got temps about 10 degrees lower or so, but it still breaks 80C really fast on even a moderate OC like 3.2GHz. I can try OCZ Freeze, but I'm starting to get suspicious that something else is wrong here aside from paste.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure what to do here - I built a new system the other day using the Core i7 860 and the MSI P55-GD65 mobo. I have a Hyper 212 Plus cooler on the CPU using Arctic Silver 5. The case is a CM Storm Sniper with the fans on full. My temps are near 70C under load with prime95 at stock CPU speed. I've taken the heatsink off and reseated it once already and nothing changed. I'm positive it's installed right, it's on there really good. This isn't at all what I expected, reviews say you can OC to 4GHz with this cooler and barely break 70. Even a very small OC pushes this into the 80s, which I have to stop immediately because of the danger to the chip. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Ryan
  3. Got a new one - something was definitely very wrong with the old one, the fans are spinning way faster/louder on this one at max than on the first one. No flickering on the lights or problems turning them on and off either. Thanks guys, great case, I love it! Ryan
  4. Ok, thanks... not looking forward to having to rebuild the system, but oh well. Ryan
  5. Hi, I bought a Sniper case at Fry's last night - everything seemed ok at first, but I started to notice some strange things shortly after getting everything up and running... for example, turning the fan speed knob was making the blue LEDs flicker on and off and then when I tried turning the LEDs on and off with the button, it only worked sporadically - I'd have to press the button many times repeatedly to get it to turn the lights on and off. Now this afternoon, all 3 fans suddenly lost power and the only way I can get them to power up is by running an individual PSU molex to each one on its own. If I plug them in via the fan controller's molex daisy chain, none of them spin up, though the LEDs do work. Is it safe to say I should go exchange the case? Thanks! Ryan