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  1. Here is the thread... All pictures gone though. ... highlight=
  2. OMG, that can't be a CM design?
  3. Hm,I'm using CM cases and Gigabyte MB only but have had no issues of this kind.
  4. <--- Since when am I an Vortex Dreamer? Anyway, back to topic. Different LED colors require diffrent voltage. If my memory doesn't fail me blue requires higher voltage then other colors. Also, ATcases with those pretty blue LED's on the case... Almost all people has the same problem that the power LED dims after a short while. Only solution I had for that was to change that LED with a LED that could take the power. I'm not saying that this must be the issue with your LED's, just trying to give you some options. And since I'm on it, 0.1V is a lot for an LED. If you can figure out the technical specifications for your LED's, check it there. I doubt you can though.
  5. If your power supply gives to high voltage your LED's will wear down and dim.
  6. I also need some coolant for my Aquagate, could you tell me what you use and in what quantities, thanks Frankie. Yes... Hold on, been overseas for a while... Still not reinstalled at home. I'll post in a couple of moments.
  7. Johan

    The Black Widow

    Ok ok ok ok ok, satisfy the market then... But don't go to low when it comes to build and standard and workmanship.
  8. Johan

    The Black Widow

    And expect a lawsuite if you intend to lower your standards!
  9. Johan

    The Black Widow

    Bah, I do not agree... Keep CM at a high standard with a high quality and forget about satisfying the market... You will always have n00bs who want to do so much but oh pay peanuts. There are 1000's of cheap alu and plastic plastic cases out there that they can have... Meanwhile, if you like the real high end deal for real money you go to CM. The day CM follows the cheap bandwagon and begin to save a coin here and a coin there your competitors will be happy because your classy customers will go and change brand.
  10. Once my wife wanted to cut my finger nails since I did not bother... I truly did lose my sense at the finger tips... But, the nails had nice shapes... Oval, square, triangles, some bleeding, some pointed and croked... Oh, those are the days of our lifes...
  11. Nice set up indeed... However, the round thing you mentioned I think does not fit on a classic case such as yours. It is best left alone original
  12. You see Ron... The thing is that most resellers are very keen on selling products. Be it CM, TT, Danger Den and so on... And trust me, if I would have a CM watercooling set up I would also prefer to have original CM cooling water in my system since then I would know it is 100% correct fluid. And if something is wrong with that coolant, I have somewhere to turn. Now, I have a different setup on my computer, Danger Den, because I cool CPU, VPU and NB. AG is as of now for the CPU only so I had to give that idea up. Anyway, Danger Den is in and I'm happy... I ran the system first outside the computer to see for leaks and once done. I removed that coolant and wanted to replace with new coolant. The coolant used first was original DD coolant, but I figured... With so many resellers of CM products, some coolant will be easy thing to get.... No Sir, every single shop I went to that had huge posters with CM logo, posters about being aut. resellers of CM and CM stickers all over the place did not have a drop of liquid. Not CM liquid, no DD liquid, no liquid... But would I like to have 10's of AG I could have it, but ran on air... I suppose there is no gain for the shop owner to sell coolant and they don't care. But I must admit I'm surprised that also UK has an issue about it... What I wish for most would be an original CM shop with only CM products in it! I would apply for that post right away.... Anyway, because of this kind of ignorance and greed from the shops, one has no other option but to mix and match at home in the kitchen.
  13. Johan

    PSU Size

    Then it might fit. The dell etc would most likelly fit too.. But you would have to improvise a bit though.
  14. Johan

    PSU Size

    Not always though... Well, the size maybe but not the holes for the screws. If you take a giant such as Dell or maybe HP you'll notice that their PSU has a bit different mounting solution. Where has the PSU of yours come from originally?