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  1. [em]HEAT....I await your reply, thanks! As to the idea of using a hub...wouldn't a hub have USB "A", or "B" connectors? I need to connect 3 9-pin female connectors to 3 9-pin male connectors/hub/cable adapter
  2. Not sure if this is the right forum for this.... I just got a Stacker case and put a MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Mobo into it. The board has 2 internal 9-pin USB connectors. The case has 6 leads terminating in 3 connectors. So doing the math, I'm left with one connector coming from the front of the case with no place to plug it into. I searched for a 2 into 1 type of adaptor, but have been unable to locate such device. I also hav a FDD/card reader with a 4 pin USB connector which I'd like to hook up . How have you connected up all these items to a Mobo that doesn't have enough built in ports? I know I could put in an additional USB 2.0 PCI card, but that's my last resort. Lastly, if noone makes the cable/connector I am looking for, does anyone see any potential problems/dangers in soldering some wires between the connector harnesses, and piggy-backing one off the other?
  3. I just put together a system in a new Stacker (silver) case. At first, I noticed that most of the front mesh panels were a little too easy to remove. Then, after building the system and putting in all the drives and replacing the mesh panels, I noticed that everything is angled lower on the right side of the case. It appears that the right side of the case is lower than the left by about 1/8 of an inch. When looking at all the bay covers, there is a gap on the top/left and bottom/right of each one. I just pulled it out of the box and put it together yesterday, so I have not had any time to actually "get inside the case and look around", but....Is this something that is adjustable? Or, is this case tweaked and not fixable by the user? The next problem I forsee is that if it's not fixable, I'm going to have to send it back to the seller, and I know I'm going to have to pay shipping on this very heavy case. Any thoughts?
  4. Newegg was out when I placed my order for my other parts. I got my Stacker (silver) from Xoxide for $164.99 plus $23.87 to ship to northern NY. They also placed some other items I ordered within the case, so I only had to ship one box.
  5. What's the difference between the silver and the black side panels (other than color)? Is it just paint or anodizing, or is it colored in a different way?
  6. andygold

    Blue Stacker case Sorry can't figure out how to post pics! Yeah, I read the FAQ
  7. andygold

    Blue Stacker case

    The thing is...someone will be interested in it, and that means a sale!!! Even if only a few were imported to the US, along with a larger order for other colors, they would probably sell. You can't know unless you try! Obviously, since I started this thread, I'm interested in blue. I highly doubt that I'm the only one on this side of the pond who'd be interested. As Mindless Moron says, it's very popular where he's from. I don't think that people's tastes would be hugely different based on geographic location. The same goes for autos. Some people in the US would give their left arm for certain cars that are only available continents away...and vice versa...!!! At first, there was only the silver Stacker, and someone opined that is the "best" color, and that's all that was made. Now look at all the interest in the black model, and that's not even an available case color as of yet. The blue already exists, and yet someone has already decided that noone in this entire country could possibly want one. Look at all the different colors of WaveMasters, and the associated polls asking what colors people would prefer!!!! Give the buyers what they want...they're the ones that know what they want, and if they can't find that one feature they want on one manufacturer's model, they'll start looking to other manufacturers who will provide what they want. That's business 101! The Thermaltake Highest Xaser III is about the same price, and comes with blue trim, and it even has a decent power supply at that price. And actually, I don't really need all of the Stackers's 11 bays, . The thing is, the one feature I liked about the Stacker is the movable USB panel. I was leaning towards the Xaser before I saw the Stacker in blue...but I can't get the Stacker in blue(even though it already exists). Get me a blue Stacker!!! My apologies for being so long winded!
  8. andygold

    Blue Stacker case

    CM, it would appear doesn't think we would like the option of purchasing the BLUE CM Stacker case. What's your thought?
  9. I want the blue version, but it does not seem to be available in the US. Any idea if it's going to be coming here, and when...I'm going to be ordering parts for a new system with the next few weeks.