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  1. Yeah, AS5 is nice. My cpu went down 5C after i applied it. 42idle to 37idle. Of course CM thermal paste is bad too
  2. Wayne, Give me an email and I'll send you the RMA form. I only saw it turned on once in our office and it does make a fast fan sound. Therefore, that's the best support I can give you. Next time ask bigbadbananas for help. He is the expert on our products. Thanks!
  3. That is a good question. I haven't actually remove the fans myself. Email us on Monday and I'll havd bigbadbns help you. Thanks!!
  4. Thanks for the comments! I am sure our HQ will try to find out the problem.
  5. I want a black stacker too! I am going to jack one from the warehouse haha. J/K about the second sentence. Hope my mangager Lucy won't see this hehe....
  6. I tested the CM 450watt with bigbadbns and it's a nice unit to look at and the thing is silent. The coolest part is that it tells you how much power you are consuming, which helps you understand the limit of the PSU thus provide you the ability to prevent overusage of power and the potential shortage of your hardwares. I am not favoring it because I work for CM. It's because of it's 75%efficiency over the standard 60-70% and the quietness of the unit. Anyways, go with what you need and want. If you are happy then that's all it matters.
  7. Yeah, show us some pics.
  8. The side panel should be offered shortly. Don't worry guys!
  9. bt0316

    Hyper 6

    Yeah, make sure it fits before you buy. Every motherboard is different.
  10. bt0316

    Cross flow fan

    Of course it will. It's a 300mm fan that draws air to the MB.
  11. Yeah, I would love to see a yellow case myself.
  12. Yup, Aerogate 3 should be sufficient to monitor 4 of your fans. I don't really know any other products so that's my suggestion.
  13. bt0316

    Blue Stacker case

    I like the silver better. Looks more sophisticated.