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  1. I decided to try another brand. it sucks because i really like the CM V8. i purchased a side panel for my case just so i can see the bad boy, and all the other goodies. Unfortunately, keep my CPU cool as possible is more important; with this new cooler, i'm able to OC my 920 to 3.2G, temperature at idle at 39/35/37/32 and run Prime95 FFT for hour or so and the temperature never made it pass 67C.
  2. Well....I'm poooped! re-seated the V8 for the 3rd or 4th time. Nothings change in temperature. i guess that's just the way it is.
  3. i recently built new core i7 PC with the CM V8 cooler. At stock speed @ (2.66g Batch#3836B232), the idle temperatures base on Real Temp 3.00 was at 38, 32, 35, and 31. The compound i use is Arctic Silver with the (line) method i got from arctic silver website. i had my PC running at stock speed for a little over 2 weeks, everything seems to be running smooth. i decided to OC my Ci7 920 2.66 to (3.6g); my idle temperature now sits at 43, 38, 40, and 35. The temperature seems to be fine; i think. i ran Prime-95 (FFT) for 2 hours; the highest temperature at full load is at about 77, 75, 73, and 69. i would really like to know if the temp i have running now is safe. or anyone have the same setup, what are your temps at stock/idle, OC'd/idle, and OC'd/full load 100% running Prime 95. Other that, the CM V8 is one SEXY beast. also. i had reseated cooler/remove/re-apply thermal compound twice already. The temperature didn't change a bit. Any suggestions to make my core i7 cooler. i've also done some googled/search in comparison between with this CM v8 and Thermalright 120 Black Edition. it seems Thermalright 120 has better cooling, but lapping is involded. (uggh, sounds like alot of work). Silverstone TJ-07 Asus Rampage II X58 Core i7 920 2.66 (3.6G) Corsair Dominator 6gig (DDR3 1600) WD VelociRaptor 300 EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 SSC Edition 896MB 675 (EVGA Precision OC'd to 730) Vista Ultimate 64bit Supreme X-Fi PC Cooling 750 Cooler Master V8 Dell 2408 WFP