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  1. When will COOLER MASTER create new LIQUID for i7 Core?
  2. How do you buy one? ... ct_id=2931
  3. The new add on. I've changed my mind on this case, but wanna see the side clear one. haha.
  4. I've been trying to see how they fit. Are they a good fit? Thanks.
  5. Are the cases sold out already?
  6. Battery

    Need help w/ case.

    Newegg has it alreayd, but kinda over retail?
  7. Battery

    Need help w/ case.

    Newegg will give you a much better experience in shopping and other things like fulfillment. CM Store is primarily for rare parts, special orders, older stock and refurbished. We also put some odds and ends on it. I would try Newegg for the Scout and order the fans now. The stock fans on the Scout are special and they have special wiring you will only find on them. Damn, why can't a controller conversion be created. LOL. But it doesn't matter since I will just leave my LED on. Was thinking about the 'green LED'. Damn, unless you folks can customize it. As I play on ordering the 700watt modular PSU for it too !.
  8. Battery

    Need help w/ case.

    Hi, So the 'stock' oem fans are kind of special in that sense? So the R4's color led will remain on and won't be allowed to toggled? I didn't know there was a store for the USA. I might just order directly, rather than new egg. Some reviews show newegg having terrible shipping.
  9. Battery

    Need help w/ case.

    The Storm Scout will be launched in north america in 21 days roughly. The 5/5 date is when you will be able to get it in the stores. Can't wait ! U know if changing those RED LED fans are possible?
  10. Battery

    Need help w/ case.

    Thanks. I'm liking the 'storm'. So I might wait. I am in north america.
  11. Hi, I had a question. Would replacing, any of the fans be possible w/o too much serious overhaul? Just incase something broke or if I want to change the fans to a different led. Is this possible w/ ease? What places would carry these? I might pick this up for a build.
  12. Battery

    Need help w/ case.

    I am wanting a mid tower case and it must have at least a clear side panel. I've been looking @: RC-590 Where can I get a side panel? I believe they have this one: RA-690-KWN2-GP -- If not, I am wondering if any chasis might be coming out? I am projecting buying my computer around summer. Thanks. -Scout Chasis looks good. When will it arrive?