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  1. Already got the window panel, and it's on the panel on the opposite side
  2. Got a CM Stacker Silver case, and unfortunately due to my clod like behaviour, have picked upi a few scratches. Anyone got any good methods of fixing up the scratches, the biggest wouldn't even be a centimetre long but is fairly deep, no silver in the scratch at all. Also due to a rather unfortunate incident tonight, I managed to scratch the black panel on the top where the word CM STACKER is, bloody stupid me. Anyway of obtaining a replacement for this, more than happy to pay for it. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. I also got a model with the two bumps on top of the case, not that fussed about them. Loving the case, although have run into a few niggles along the way, mostly to do with the front mesh panels. On a different note, was manouvering a gas bottle to my balcony and I accidently managed to scratch the black part at the top of the case where the CM STACKER name is. Is there anyway to obtain a replacement for this part, cause it's breaking my heart knowing I screwed up with my case :(