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  1. Do I physically have to do anything then with the power supply? Or its it just a case of buying the power cord and thats it?
  2. Hi I purchased a COOLER MASTER Real Power Pro RS-750-ACAA-A1 750W Power Supply for the PC that I build just over a year ago in the US. I will be moving to the UK later this year. I want to ship the PC I built I'm wondering if the power supply will be an issue. I trying to find out If I can just buy a British standard 3 pin plug/cord, plug it straight in and everything run as normal. The last thing I want to do to fry anything. I think the power supply in the UK runs at 240V and here in the US its runs at 110V. Can anybody confirm if I would be able to run my PC in the UK by just changing the power cords (at not frying anything inside the PC)? Thanks Wayne