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  1. I lost the keys to the extra had enclosures on the case. Any ideas on how to get a new set or bypass the lock? They are locked shut now.
  2. Hey all. I have the Cosmos 2 chassis and am having an issue with the front sound and mic plugs. They just don't seem to work...any ideas? I did make sure that it was correctly plugged into the mobo.
  3. Hi all, I think this is my first or second post. I just moved from the x79sli from EVGA to the RIVE. I have a question about the System Panel connectors, and a few other issues. 1) I am installing the RIVE into a Cosmos Ultra II and they have 3 plugs labled HDD LED, RESET SW and POWER SW. Do these go into IDE_LED, PWRSW (Kinda obvious), and RESET(Kinda obvious)? 2) Use the AC'97 or Audio HD? I am going to also be using a sound card. 3) What the heck do I do with all the fan plugs??
  4. ok here is my messy setup. I could take those extra hd bays on the bottom out also. OMG I suck at attaching pics
  5. Hi Everyone. This is my first CoolerMaster product and post to the forum. Has anyone installed the Aquagate Max into a Thermaltake Armor+?? If so could you send pics so I can see where the heck it can go? Also, what type of reduction in temps should I expect?? Right now with this and Outlook open I am running at 40,32,35,39 temps with a Q9550