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  1. If that Cooler Master logo was the same shade of yellow as the case you'd have a winner for sure The CM logo does indeed has the same shade. For some odd reason it looks weird in this picture.Ok cool, that'd about do it then. Can we get a peak at the WaveMaster2 and the new Centurion6 now?
  2. If that Cooler Master logo was the same shade of yellow as the case you'd have a winner for sure
  3. I dunno about a yellow/black Stacker. I'd have to see pics of it before I'd pass judgement (*looks at his Stacker and trys to picture it yellow... eww...)[Moderator edit: It's not necessary to post an image in a quote when the image is just above it. Thank you.]
  4. Man and here I thought my neighbors daughter was a tease!
  5. When are you going to be able to show us some pics of it? I think I speak for everyone on this forum when I say that the WaveMaster2 is the most anticipated case Cooler Master is working on!
  6. I like it a lot, though I think the buttons should be painted black as well, just to match everything else. I'd like it a ton more if it was on a WaveMaster2
  7. like this maybe bad photochop, but you get the idea
  8. I like the yellow "sonic boom" on the black thing on the front of the Hypersonic case. You guys should put a logo or something there as well. Maybe even just a design or pattern or something. The WaveMaster logo wouldn't look really good turned 90 degrees, but I think simply "COOLER MASTER" would be pretty nice there.
  9. Actually, now that I look at the swatches from the poll thread asking what colours we would like I can see that they were taken from those Hypersonic PC images. I guess my previous post isn't exactly a revelation to anyone.
  10. I knew that that looked very familiar to me, after a bit of searching at the tip of my brain and in some PC magazine ads I found that Hypersonic PC had applied that exact same colour scheme to the WaveMaster quite awhile ago. Looks good, yellow and black always goes nice together, though it'd be hard to get the rest of your components to match.
  11. Informative read Grump. It's too bad all companies don't subscribe to that same philosophy regarding reviews and reviewers. For example; I can think of a few companies that will only send out review units only if you promise to follow their exact "guidelines" when reviewing a product. Of course, those guidelines are designed to paint their product in the best light possible (and usually their competitors product in the worst light if it's a comparison review). I also know of PR people that "suggest" the best way to get a review unit of limited supply from their company is to "promise" a positive review accompanied by a high score or an award. One company in particular would not send a review unit out to me unless they were allowed to read the review and have final say on whether it would be published or not! Suffice it to say I turned down that review (and the others that had stipulations attached). Looking forward to reviewing the new Cav. That's all I have to say.
  12. Would it do any good for a hardware reviewer who really like reviewing cases to ask for an early review unit... ?
  13. Ratchet


    You say the 6800u cooler is... small?!
  14. Err... in that pic, shouldn't the Aquagate be turned around the other way so that the fan is pulling in air from outside the case and the tubes are inside?
  15. Hey, I was sent a Crossflow review unit along with a Stacker case review unit from CoolerMaster (the review is here if you're interested). The first Crossflow they sent me was damaged during shipping but CM sent a replacement. They decided it wasn't worth the trouble to send back the broken unit, so it's just sitting there in my closet. The fan itself is broke (can probably easily be repaired), but you're welcome to the speed controller if you still need it.