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  1. I got the top off but the fan just wasn't going anywhere. Finally I said "$!?# it" and took out the motherboard and flipped the whole assembly around. I figure the time it's taken me to search around the net and post about it and look for alternatives has already exceeded the time it took me to turn it around. I just wish the unit had some kind of marking on it explaining what the air flow was. It would have saved me the hassle. Thanks for all the feedback! Much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for the tip.... I'll try that. I DID feel some screws underneath the fan that I thought might be holding it in place. I'll try and lift the tabs without breaking anything.
  3. I just installed the V8 but found that the fan is blowing air the wrong way. (Actually over my fanless bios heatsink (Asus P6T with Core i7) which is making the motherboard hotter than I'd like. I tried removing the small hex screws at the top of the unit, but I still couldn't pull the top along with the fan off. Any suggestions? I'd really rather not have to take my entire rig apart just to turn the fan around.