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  1. Very big thanks guys. Yeah the 2 fans on the back was a great project for me and I think it made out pretty good. Is that true that the the ATC-210's mobo tray is the same as the ATC-110? Good to know. BTW here is the specs of my setup: My humble systems: (Plays solitaire really fast) MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum 1.4 MSI Bios AMD 64 3500 Winchester 90nm 248x11, 2728Mhz, 1.45v tweak ongoing Thermalright XP-90, 92mm Tornado Corsair 1gig PC3200XLPRO 1T-2.5-3-7-3 ATI Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition 256Mb, w/Zalman ZM80D-HP SB Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card 120G Seagate 7200rpm 8MB, SATA150 200G Seagate 7200rpm 8MB, SATA150 SONY DRU-530A DVD-RW Thermaltake Hardcano 13 Controller ULTRA X-Connect Custom Titanium 500W CoolerMaster ATC-110-SX1 Fully Aluminum Case Window XP Pro, SP2, DirectX 9.0c Samsung SyncMaster 191T+ 19â€
  2. Thank for the kind compliments. I just wanted a clean sophisticated look I worked hard on it and I’m glad everyone likes it. Johan, you may be right makes it look a little to busy. I’m glad that I didn’t put it on permanently. TY
  3. Greetings Well I got my camera back. I also finished my little gaming rig. Nothing to special, a mod here a cut there. It was a pleasure to work with some of the best cases (I think) in the world. So here are some pics hope you like. Guts, tried to make it as clean as I can. Airflow is very good now. Another veiw. With the side panel on. Rig II riding the WAVE. I cut the window freehand with a Dremel. I think it came out alright. My 2 little monsters. My workstation with my dual 19" LCD's. Another angle of the workstation. The round thing you see on the top front of the ATC-110 case is not permanent yet I have not decided if it should stay or if it would be too much, what do you think guys? No doubt about it CoolerMaster RULES!!! I hope you like what I've done so far. Your comments are very welcome. TY
  4. Hey Mr. Kholl, I didn't have a pic of it right now cuz their is nothing in it at the moment. It's completely stock and looking at your got me thinking of some possibilties to bring it back to life again. About those handles, does that toolstore of yours have a website that I may be able to order from? Thanks
  5. Sweet bronney, I see you have two monitors are you doing dual screen setup?
  6. Very nice indeed. Where did you get your handles Mr. Kholl? They are very cool. My first case was a Solid just like that had a lot of fun with it, in fact I still have it going to use it to make my third rig.
  7. All the cases here are so nice. I'd like to post but my friend still has my camera. Its nothing much but I lke it. I just hope I'm worthy.
  8. Nice one FOP, wanted to do the same to my widow too. Nice choice on the font too.
  9. YES!!! let us open the bidding at..... Hey guys count me in on some of that stuff. Very, very interested in a 110 case even if it not 100% especially the front panels, :) I'll take the whole case, also a Muskuteer if you have one.
  10. I guess business is business. I just hope that CM will design and produce a new generation all aluminum master piece like the 110 and 111 soon. I am just proud to be a 110 case owner, this case will definitely last me a life time. BTW I will stand in line too if your going to sell some parts off of those RMA stock you have
  11. Ah, Hybrid standard thumbscrews would work just fine. You see awhile back when I was working on the rig, I for some reason was missing a few when I was putting it back together. I would just like to know if they are available for purchase some where and if not the I'll just go with what I can find.
  12. Hey Eskimo88, I had the same issues with my WaveMaster so I recently cut a custom window on the panel and added a 92mm fan at 2200rpm/37cfm that sits right on top of my CPU's heatsink and fan. Before the added fan; Case temp: Idle 22-23c, Load 23-23.5c CPU temps: Idle 36-37c, Load 39-40c After adding the fan; Case temp: Idle 18-19c, Load 20-21c CPU temp: Idle 33.5-34.5c, Load 36-37c I'm running an AMD system 200x11 @ 1.525v Made a big difference for me and all that by just adding one fan in the right place. Hope this helps
  13. Greetings, I am new to the forum and would like to say keep up the great work guys. I must agree those cases are great, I myself have the 110 case and I love it. I have modded the case alittle here and there just enough to make it mine. Does anyone know if I may be able purchase CM thump screws anywhere? I have been looking all over the place and no one carries them. Any thoughts guys.