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  1. I've recently bought this case and wanted to share my findings. First of all, let me say that this is probably the best case in it's price range on the market. While i've searched for a new case i've studied about 60 or 70 different cases, nothing else suited my needs. There are some better Lian Li's out there, but at almost twice the price. However, ATCS 840 isn't the perfect case, here is why 1) For ATX sized MB there is one support missing, middle one at the right side 2) Inserting expansion cards is challenging, especially so with videocard. For some reasons small tongue on the plate meets some significant resistance during insertion 3) Really prone to white stains on that black aluminum (i wonder what is this exactly ?) 4) Cable management could be better. Hole for extra MB power plug is misplaced, it should be way more to the left. If you insist on reduced number of holes, move the biggest one lower. Cable management section should be couple of mms deeper, it requires some force to close the lid with a lot a cables. Especially so in HDD area, i have 5 drives there and routing all those cables was serious issue for me. 5) If you add 120mm fan at the bottom, it prevents PSU dust filter from being removed 6) For some weird reasons HDD and Power led are mislabeled, they should be vice versa. Unless you intended Power led to blink all the time. 7) Would be nice to have easier 3.25" bay installation. Attaching rails with screws is quite old fashioned. I don't understand why would you build a supposedly dust proof case with so many good and accessible filters and then built it around negative pressure and left so many holes in it ? Negative pressure will attract dust through every single hole, no way around it. That's why i've disconnected one of the exhaust fans and added extra intake at the bottom, it should be able to make the case pressure positive. In a month i see how bad is the dust, maybe i will had to close all those holes at the back. 9) The last one is really unexpected. HDD are reverberating in this case. I have no idea how is this possible, since they all are placed on antivibration rubber, but this is the fact.