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  1. Hey guys, Is this piece discontinued? I think the part number is RA-932-KWN1.Your Europe store has it but the US one doesn't. The panel I got was scratched when I received it awhile back and i just noticed it was able to be purchased separately(hopefully). Is there a way i can get a replacement panel? I don't mind paying for it, i just want a panel with undamaged acrylic. I sent an email to the US offices and NOBODY got back to me. Hope this gets a response.. Thanks in advance.
  2. I've had my V10 for about two years now. I've already had both fans replaced before but now they are starting to make noise again. They make the noise after the PC has been off but once I run it for a bit of time the noise goes away. I try to keep them clean but that's kind of hard when whatever oil used on the fans starts trapping the dirt on the fins. Rather annoying but I'd like to see if I can get some replacements for when they do bite the dust. I prefer the original fans and not the "R4" fans as the originals have the PWM ability. I can't remember how long you guys warranty the cooler but will it be a problem to get replacement fans? IF I need to pay for them I can. I wish you guys sold these fans. I'd like to get two of these (picture is from one of the fans that were replaced a year ago)
  3. 90% of cases are like this, not just CM. Happens with my RIIE on the HAF 932. Happens with the In-Win Ironclad with the same board. Just something companies don't think about.
  4. No you cannot use only one connector...99% of the higher end video cards come with an molex to pci-e adapter in a situation like this..if not, I know newegg has them(i saw them awhile ago tho)..possibly Fry's might have
  5. Here's what I'm rockin. It's not anywhere this bright but it does light the inside up decently
  6. I know if the TEC isn't working correctly it should let out a beeping noise. loud and annoying one. if it was me moving it around, id remove it. it is a heavy beast and im not sure if even small bump would not do some sort of damage...whether the Tridents would fit..not sure..they seem to be similar in size to the Dominators which do fit..but i dont know that honestly
  7. I had the same issue with mine..RMA it
  8. old thread I know, but it will look better with all the plates removed, and just the grills
  9. When you say the chassis will be different, does that mean the "Window" panel won't fit the original 932 or will it? It would be a shame if it wouldn't.
  10. He said a full window, no official window qualifies. Sorry, but you're going to have to make your own. Yea, I know what he said so I told him where in case he didn't know.
  11. They do sell sell the side panels in the CM store ... cts_id=134 <--- right side ... cts_id=131 <--- left side (that you're looking for)
  12. that is an option yes, and I appreciate the suggestion(cool name btw) but honestly, I shouldn't have to do that for a $140 product ya know ? lol.if not having the PWM means the R4 fans just run full speed the whole time then I'm ok with that.
  13. ok..but am i seeing correctly that the 4 pin daisy chain wire on the V10 takes a 3 pin too? that's my question..
  14. I'd still like to know if these will work perfectly in the V10. I'm getting a tad bored with the Red.