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  1. Well 2 reasons why I'm reaching high temperatures, I got a crappy case, no good airflow, and my Heatsink is stock. Thanks for your help guys. I think spending 40 or so on a new heatsink/fan. I'm really thinking about ordering the new cavilier as well, might help alot compared to my crappy case I have now. Thanks again. Oh and these temperatures when im hardcore gamming. Running Teamspeak and other proggy's. Thanks alot.
  2. Im running, A7n8x-E Mother Board AMD 2800+ My case has 2 88m fans on the front door and has one exhaust on the back...I have an overheating problem, My cpu keeps reaching temperatures at about 140 degrees F, I have the stock CPU/heatsink that came with the CPU. Its a socket 462 what cpu/heatsink do you recommend....any help would be nice