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  1. it is my work in progress soon more pictures http://server2.uploadit.org/files/xsoft ... pleta1.jpg hope get some feedback [EDIT]Sorry but your pictures are too big to be viewed at 800x600. sorry
  2. that's not all, the thermal probe of my thermal monitor get lose so i want to reatach it to the sink and when i remove the heatsink come with the procesor too...and what a mess, i clean a little but since then i have 5C more of temp.... that's the reason i want to change the thermal compund...
  3. xsoft

    aero 4

    yes it is helpfull clear as water thanks
  4. ok thanks, i'm so luky i put almost all the thermal paste that come with the aero...so lucky......
  5. a p4 2.4g @ 2.49g on intel mobo d845pebt2
  6. xsoft

    aero 4

    can somebody help me and tell me the way i have to conect the cables to make it work without the control from cooler master and make it work like the one that come with the cpu (just the 3 cables to the mobo and no an extra conector for power)
  7. ok tanxs and yes i have 3 intake fans and 2 outake plus the 2 fans in my antec psu... now how can i clean safe the actual thermal paste and put (how many by the way) the artic silver
  8. i have the aero 4 and have temps in idle at 41C and in when playing at 50C i want to change the thermal compound any sugestion? please thanks and sorry by the intrussion in this topic
  9. xsoft

    aero 4

    so i have to cut wires from the control in the back and make the 3 wires going to the nexus?
  10. xsoft

    aero 4

    ok... i conect the one cable (sensor i guess) of the aero 4 to the nexus and the nexus cable to the mobo but when the computer is on the nexus activate the no fan alarm but the aero 4 is working
  11. xsoft

    aero 4

    i have an aero 4 but cant make it work whit the nexus fan controler any idea