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  1. Yes I would also like to know if you have any ATC- 111 or 110 ?
  2. Also sell any extra parts you have. Such as a front door, side panel, motherboard tray..etc..
  3. I don't like that case. I mean the design isn't bad. Buy I'd rather buy the CM Praetorian. ... 035&depa=1 It basically the same as the ATC111 just without the door.
  4. LOL I doubt anyone can guarantee that. Since CM cases are very high quality and expensive. I can see where your coming from. Most people buy some cheap plastic case. Oh well atleast I still have mine ATC111 Never going to sell this case.
  5. I don't know why you think that no one will buy the ATC111 and 110. They use to sell on ebay for $200+. Plus aren't the CM WAVE, Praetorian, 111 and 110 all the same case just with a different front panel?
  6. I myself have the ATC-111. I would love for cooler master to start selling this case in those limited edition color's. Like the WAVE series. Yellow paint with a black front grill I would definitely by one
  7. I personally think that the CM ATC-111 and the 110 were the 2 best pc cases ever made. Why did Cooler Master stop selling them??