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  1. Sounds like marking the cables is a more recent development - and a very good one too. Glad to hear CM takes notice of these little issues and acts accordingly. Thanks for posting.
  2. Heads-up : CM have a $9.99 special on at present for the transparent side panel for the CM Storm Sniper case, which can be used in place of the mesh panel. Usual retail is $25 (or $26 at Newegg).. just ordered one for myself. link:
  3. Added another 285 SSC and sprayed the DVD cage as well, tidied the wiring a little and put an extra fan on the cards for cooling.
  4. If you have any problems with the wiring (it confused me at first, and the manual didn't help much), I made this schematic which made it a bit easier for me: The thread is
  5. p.s. I just got a 2nd EVGA GTX 285 SSC graphics card and dropped it in 2-way SLI.. I thought graphics were sweet before, but they are awesome now! Plays Crysis on high everything settings without a problem.
  6. Not at all. ALL the wires in that come with the case connect back to the controller panel (or the stock fans).. once you have the side panels and top removed, the controller panel pops out with a few plastic tabs (or maybe there's a couple of screws.. nothing difficult anyway) and the wires all thread out to the side.. easy to do. The manual that comes with the case shows you how to remove most of the panels too. The 'top' plastic panel has about 4 plastic tabs along the inside on either side, you just have to go by touch to disengage them to get the top panel off... you'll see what I mean when you get to it.
  7. Almost everything I grabbed from I don't know what connectors your graphics card uses, but look for something like 6 pin sleeved extension cable or 6 pin to 4 pin molex converter depending on your needs.. ... 6812706001 ... 6812706005 or you can get a sleeving kit like this: ... 6899109002 and cut it to suit, although you'll need to take off the connector one end of the cable to put the sleeve on.
  8. Yeah I agree, it would look better.. I may disassemble my pc again and do the DVD cage as well. I have another (slightly used) GTX 285 SSC on the way, so I'll be running SLI soon, so it's a good excuse to do the cage and maybe put some sleeves on the cables that come down from the panel. 'Wondergod' posted above how they should come off: "If those are the same drive clips as the Cosmos all you need to do is set them in the "unlocked" position (push the button in till the little pins are not sticking out on the other side) and then slide the whole drive clip towards the left and they should pop off." The only thing I'd hesitate doing is the inside of the cages, as that texture paint may create a coating too thick to allow the drives to slide in as easily as they should. Interesting that the new look Sniper is pretty much the look we are wanting
  9. Yup I did.. there's like a single long metal pin that holds the whole lot in place. Just take out the pin and the plastic bits will then come out separately with a little maneuvering and a bit of a squeeze.
  10. I didn't pop any rivets out if that's what you mean. I removed the HD cage, but not the CD/DVD drive cage as it was riveted in. Basically if you look at the first pic and remove the HD cage and the clips for the PCI slots, that was what state it was when I sprayed it. I used masking tape and paper to protect certain areas. With the inside of the side panels, with the side with the mesh I did not have to remove the mesh, I just inserted pieces of paper between the mesh and the actual panel cross-bar things so the mesh didn't get clogged with paint, rather than risk unbending and breaking where the mesh attaches to the side panel... hope that makes some sense LOL.
  11. No worries. I did everything with this tool kit: ... 6899261003 The cold cathode light kit is this one: ... 6811994001 and I replaced the 200mm top fan with 2x120mm fans, which allowed room to fit one of the cathode lights up there as well. The fans I used were these: ... 6835185006 the spray paint used was this one: ... 8&v=glance (Rust-Oleum 7220830 Textured Spray, Black, 12-Ounce)
  12. @ Wondergod : Thanks. Only took it apart to the stage in the first photos, except that I also took out the HD cage and sprayed it separately. And yeah, my favorite mug had it for like 8 years now. @ Boredgunner : Cheers. Yeah I had a fiddle around with them, but as I mentioned, I didn't want to risk damaging them. Perhaps I'll have another try later. I did have a 120mm side panel fan, but removed it as it (surprisingly) made almost no difference to CPU or GPU temps once it was removed - to be honest, the biggest difference was a circle of dust on the outside of the mesh where the fan was.. LOL. I added a 120mm down the bottom of the case though, which blows air almost directly into to air intake fan of the GTX 285, and that made some difference, albeit only a couple of degrees, although I have the fans on low RPM to keep the case nice and quiet. I have not tried the big 200mm on the side panel yet.. might give it a shot later today.. although not sure if there's enough clearance for it with the V8 in there.
  13. Cheers. Nope, just sprayed straight on - that particular spray was fine with it - can even spray on rusted surfaces - although there is primer spray available. I sprayed multiple coats.. maybe 6 coats on all surfaces so it would be more resistant to scratching. Nods, I removed and sprayed the outer face of the HD bay separately, but the 5.25" CD.DVD bays are riveted in place, so I left them alone rather than risk gunking up the plastic mechanisms or damaging them trying to remove them. Also mentioned that I sprayed both panels inside.. the mesh panel was no worries - all I had to do was put flat paper between the mesh and the panel itself, so there was no worries clogging it up.
  14. It bothered me that my Storm Sniper was not painted / sprayed inside the case as well as outside, so eventually I got around to disassembling and spraying the inside. The spray paint used was black Rust-Oleum 7220830 Textured 12-Ounce spray, which gave a very similar finish to the outside of the case. Although not shown here, I also sprayed the inside of both side panels.
  15. Nothing; If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The suggestion above about lowering deck height... with some mobos that may create RAM clearance issues.