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    Vortex Dream 7

    I worked from 4:30 till 9:30 rebuilding the rig from the ground up, except for remounting the CPU as the cooler came with a pre-applied compound I did not want to break the connection so to speak. Added another top exhaust, made sure all front fans were intake and rear and side were exhaust. I boot into BIOS to get a quick look at the CPU temp and its already at 48c just in the time it took to boot to BIOS. I sit and watch it for 5 mins and it tops off at 55c and idles between 53 and 55, now that is some BS, and eliminates the case from the mix
  2. Got mine on Saturday, havnt seen my temps get below 55c. But my case is an old Lian Li, with 12 total fans,lol. 1 CPU 3 exhaust (2 side, 1 rear) 1 intake (front) 1 Areogate 2 PS (ported on top) 1 chipset 1 sister board 1 VGA 1 PCI slot exhaust (just under vga card) I need to take it all apart and start over, with new case, and some HD coolers. My Raptor HDs are running hotter then some peoples cpu at 40c
  3. PoiZen

    Vortex Dream 7

    Well, I upgraded my proc from a 266fsb 2600+, to a 400fsb 3200+ Barton, and was still running my old 2600+ cpu cooler, and was getting up to 61c in game. I decided to purchase the Vortex Dream 7 and finally got my hands on it, and so far I'm a little disapointed, as the temps are no better then with the cooler I replaced. Last night as I lay in bed, and got to thinking, could there have been a protective material that I should have removed from over the pre-applied thermal compound? That would explain it. If not then I guess I need to re-think my case design, even though I have four exhaust fans, all with cut outs, and two front intakes. current temps cpu - 57c vga - 35c system - 34.5c HDD - 39.5c system: early Lian Li aluminum case Enermax 420w Whisper PS Gigabyte K7 Triton 7NXP MOB 400fsb 3200+ Barton with Vortex Dream7 cooler 1.5 gig Geil matched 400Mhz RAM twin 36.7gig 10,000rpm WD Raptor SATA HD's on RAID0 one 120gig WD 7,200 HD IDE0 ATI x800 Pro VGA (the only addin card) I think maybe those Raptor HD's are putting out too much freakin heat.
  4. I've still had no luck finding the ACC-L72 via US rtail, mid July. Anyone know of a store? Thanks
  5. Hey its early July! has anyone heard any new info on Vortex Dream retail availablity> Thanks!
  6. Y yes you did! and you also told me it would be available early July. I'm waiting patiently. I also enjoyed the pics.
  7. Thx Big, think I figured it out. There are two model numbers for the Vortex Dream 1) ACC-L72 socket A 2) ACC-U72 socket 754/940 Unfortuatly I can only find the ACC-U72 available via retail. Darn the noise to cooling ratio was exactly what I wanted.
  8. Hi, is the Votex Dream 7 socket A compatible, I see on the few retail outlets that have it, its listed as a 370/462 only, yet from CM it is also listed as socket A. I am guessing it is, but the pics only show the "Crab clip" so I'm wondering how it attaches to the Socket A if in fact it can. What I meant was, the pics from the retail outlets only show the "crab clip" I see that the pic on the CM product page shows the socket A clip. Does the unit come with both clip types? Thx again! Did that make sense? anyhow, can I use the Vortex HS in my socket A system? THX!!! Rig: Gigabyte k7 Triton (cant afford 64) 3200+ Barton stock ATI x800 Pro (cant afford XT) 1 gig Geil matched CAS 2.0 2 x 40gig Baracuda SATA 10,000rpm RAID 0 1 x 120gig WD ATA 133 PS: I was one of the few idiots to have purchased Chaintech Zenith MOB and Chaintech Ti 4200 8x about 9 months ago. No overclocking and they went to crap on me about two months ago, Retailer claims Chaintech is responsible for replacement and Chaintech wont answer any requests for Tech or RMA. I am mad as @*#!$ and I'm tellin everyone I meet.