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    Hey first post for me but to answer your question .... the top openings are pretty important for the air flow... or when you do Watercooling... a lot of watercooler radiators are made to be fixed on single, dual, triple 120 mm fans .. so most of system radiator coul be fitted on the top on your cm690... Personally I have a V8 and to make more air flow I have all 120 mm fan installed ... by using them with a fan controller you can lower the noise of your casing .... the thing is : buy yourself good CFM / DB fans ... some cheap fans can shoot a 12V 30CFM at 21DB (trust me you want to leave those for newbs ) use high quality 120mm fan ...or even use 140mm... a nice fan should have a good airflow and a low db... My pc is overclocked from 3.0Ghz (1333FSB) to 4.05 GHZ (1800FSB) and my cpu keeps it very cool with all 120mm fan all at minimum speed... never forget airflow !!! Thanks!!! Bennyboy ( a Coller master Fan ;P) System: C2D E8400 @ 4.05ghz (1800 FSB) Cooler Master V8 2GB corsair ddr2 @900 MHZ 5-5-5-18 EVGA 750i FTW 2X 9600GT in SLi CM 690 paint job mesh CM Aquagate S1 (Modded for chipset cooling) Audigy Platinum EX