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  1. Thanks, I just chopped off the offending piece of plastic, and it fits just fine now. By the way, where would I place the MFC2's temperature sensor(s) to get the most accurate reading(s)? I have no idea where to attach them to the cooler/mobo/etc. I assume I don't try to put it directly on the CPU Thanks!
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a Zalman MFC2 fan controller and am now attempting to connect my fans to it. Unfortunately I am having a problem with the V8 4-pin PWM connector and the MFC2's male connector. It seems the V8's connector has plastic bits that extend down only wide enough for a 3-pin connector (to fit along the sides of the bottom plastic piece on the male connector), but the MFC2's male connector has a 4-pin wide bottom plastic piece. So when I try to plug the connector in, it won't fit properly. Do you have any suggestions? Also, is there a switch or toggle to tell the cooler which fan controller to use (PWM or VR controller)? Thanks!