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  1. I am going to try and cancel my order, it still say processing. Wish me luck.
  2. I ordered the Megaflow fan. I hope it fits as it is stated on the CM web site. So I guess that was a wasted $30 on the fan if it does not perform any better then the one already in. You know I looked at putting 120mm up front, but could not fine a way to mount them in the front. I am thinking of going with the 120mm up top, but only using two instead of three. Do you know of anyone who has went with the 120mm uptop and if so, is there any different. I guess I will have to move my sound card now to the second pci slot to add the 40mm fan on the NB. I hope it give me nice drop in temps. The sound card should work in that slot with no problems. It just look funny with the sound card in between the 295's.
  3. Thannks for the information. I decided not to put the catholes in. Went with the Cooler Master R4(blue). I love these as they are not to bright. I just order a new 200mm fan from cooler master which supose to have a higher air flow then the stock fan. Running 3.8 on my Classified(759) with idle temps at 34. Question, what about the nb fan. Needed or not. I have the X-Fi sound card and I could move it if the fans would help the NB. System: Classified 759 Dominators GT 2000mHz WD black 640 x2 in RAID0 Window 7 RC Ultra X3 1000w power supply PM cpu cooler I7 920(DO) @ 3.8 Seagate 1.5T for back up Your thoughts
  4. HI, just updating my fans in my case. Wanting to know if the rear fan for the VGA card make much of a different in temps. Also, how did you mount you black lights inside, or should I say where did you mount the on/off switch. I will post pictures when done.
  5. Need side panel with fan and filter FAST.