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  1. How thermal tubes of a cooler - vertically or horizontally, should be allocated, and a curving should be allocated upwards or downwards? In the manual it is not specified about it.
  2. No, I have an Intel system. How may I get these devices? I live in Russia, but your Russian distributors have no that.
  3. And what should I do now - to listen to this terrible noise?
  4. My motherboard is: ... A-EP35-DS3 It is specified in its specification: I have installed Speedfan, but the speed has not reduce. Also I did ON or OFF option "Smart Fan" in BIOS Setup, but when OFF - the speed up to 2800 rpm. When the fan rotates in such speed, the noise very much exceeds the level 22 dB promised by the manufacturer.
  5. Hi . I have bought a such cooler: ... 79883.html It is absent on Coolermaster site, therefore I do not know its characteristics. But on the site specified by me, the fan speed is specified from 0 to 2800 rpm. At temperature of 40 degrees on Celsius, speed rises to 2000 rpm, and lower temperature at the processor usually does not happen. How to achieve the fan speed no more than 1000 rpm? Thanks