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  1. Update: Ok, with all optional fans installed, my case has improved substantially. Consequently, I partly withdraw my previous comment (partly because a large side fan with filter is still a good idea). Now what I really want to know is when the window panel will be released in the UK. Any ideas? (Please provide links to online retailers if possible). Is it even available in the US? Thanks.
  2. Once again Sarge, you make a good point, though surely you agree that cleaning several dust filters once a week, which would resolve your first concern, is a lot less laborious than taking a heavy PC out for a trip to the garage (where my air compressor resides), for a quick blasting. Again true, though surely such fine particles would take a lot longer to accumulate and cause a problem, in which case the insides would not have to be blasted as often as they would if dust filters weren’t present.
  3. A HAF 932 with filters I know what you mean though, there's always something not quite right. Every week sounds like a bit of a chore though, and does that include removing and opening the PSU? By the way, nice rig!
  4. Any news on whether Coolermaster are developing dust filters for all intake fans? In the mean time I will use panty-hose, but what should I use to protect the PSU's fan?
  5. I second the voices calling for a replacement panel fitted with a side fan and filter (with great emphasis on the 'and filter'). The 840 is a cracking case, and although it looks great with a window panel, would be close to perfect with a side fan and filter, as bit-tech have suggested. Twinsen.