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  1. They're easy to install and look great. Well worth the purchase.
  2. beautiful work. I especially like the galic/celtic designs. I'd like to also know about the method you used.
  3. The forward to back orientation worked best for me. I also have a Wavemaster and my mobo is an AC7 Max3. The "red spot" you're talking lined up perfectly with my rear exhaust fan, so the hot air was directed straight out the back of my system. Hope this helps
  4. LMAO Miyagi, Sundial Micro is the weirdest online computer place I've ever seen. They have scantally-Clad models posing beside computer componants. Too weird
  5. OK here are the pics. Not the greatest, but you should be able to get the idea. You can see there is plenty of room in the PSU cradle The cables do tend to bunch up near the top of the case, as you can see.
  6. I'm on the case I'll try to get some decent pics tonight
  7. I have the OCZ Modstream 450 and it fits just fine. I had the same concerns as you, but everything worked out just peachy I haven't taken any pics of it, since the new PSU has been installed...maybe I'll do that tonight. There is even some room to put extra cabling behind the mobo tray, if needed
  8. Nice work !! It's looking great so far. I also really dig the chrome techflex. I've wanted to see that stuff in action for a long while. Good luck with the rest of it
  9. Nice work. I'm glad to see a case exists that can house that huge star ice. Looks great!! Some wire hiding is needed though, especially the 24pin power cable. You could easily tuck the majority of those wires behind the mobo tray and maybe leave some out for show IMO though, it's sacreligious for anything made by theremaltake to come within 10 feet of a Coolermaster product.
  10. I hear what you're saying, I have 80% of my wires hidden behind my mobo tray, I just really like the look of the cabling and the option of only using the cables I need.
  11. Hey there guys/gals I was going to start a new thread, but this one has headed into the same neighbourhood as my question. I've been driving myself nuts trying to choose a new PSU. I love the real power 450, but I'm also really wanting a modular form factor. Soooo, I'm wondering what the Real Power 550 is going to look like. It seems like all the manufacturers are coming out with a modular version of their PSU's...x-connect, Antec, OCZ (deput's in 2 days) etc... Bigbadbns, give me some good news buddy