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  1. As I was taking the time out of my real life (outside of these forums) to try & answer your questions I'd hoped that you'd have maybe done the same in return. I thought perhaps that since you had read those posts you could guide me twowards them rather than saying 'Go Google them!'... Oh well we all use forums in different ways & interact with those attempting to help us diffrently too. That aside, how long have you had the unit? You mentioned about "roughly every 2 months something stops working and disconecting the power lead (at the psu end) and reconnecting it solves the problem"... So I can assume that you have had it for at least 4 or 5 months from the date of your OP right? Some items no matter the brand, the cost, the quality can develop faults & that is what customer service & the whole RMA thing is about. As the condition has gotten worse I suggest that you speak with customer support for the country / region that you are in, perhaps RMA-ing the item if possible. It is hard to work out from talking about it here if the fault is within the PSU, the cables or the connections themselves, again something that a one to one with CM Support would be better dealing with than the forums here. Please let us know of your progress once you have dealt with CM Support. All the best. Dr. T
  2. Dr Torchwood

    Which case?

    Are you going to be adding any more parts to your PC? Do you plan on upgrading what you have apart from the case? If that is really a 100 Watt psu, then I'd be looking at something in the way of a new power supply before even thinking of a new case to be honest, but I am sure that is a typing mistake? Antec 900's are no diffrent from many cases in the way dust & debris enter the case, if you have dust problems in your current case & lets face it PC cases are dust magnets, I would be looking for something that has decent dust filters or add dust filters to whatever you end up purchasing. Cosmos cases are great cases, I prefer full towers, for my own builds as well as for my customers & clients as they meet our needs, with a pref' for the stacker range. & therin lays the key, what case meets your needs. Draw up shortlist, pro's on one side & con's on the other, maybe add one or two other CM cases to the list & see how they stack up against your needs as well as your desires. Sometimes going for practical over looks can save a lot of heart ache or buyers remorse as my wife calls it. Obviously you want something bigger than you already have, you want something that also has a window or at least be able to buy a window for it as you mention looking good with cable management. Outside of that tho' we have very little to go on from what you have told us about you, your current case & what you need. Have you looked at the new stackers, the 830s may not be as big as their older stacker family in height but they have a decent bit of room in there. I wish I could assist you more but it really does come down to what other needs you have & the 'shortlist' is a good way to sort that out. Just remember to get fan filters & a couple of cans of air to exterminate those dust bunnies on a regular basis.
  3. The way I would look at it is this: The card allows for me to upgrade to a much bigger screen at a later date when screens become cheaper. (my 40 inch 1080p Sony 120Hz LCD was less than $1,000 in Feb 09, same screen was almost 3 times that 16 months earlier) In the mean time, I know I'd be able to max out any games at the lower res (If I was building the PC for games) without burning up the card or a need to OC it. It depends what you wish to use the PC for at the end of the day really doesn't it. Something that strikes me as odd about what you 'Read' elsewhere is that there are 19 & 21 inch monitors available with a much higher res than most 24 inch monitors. It is IMHO quite an uneducated statement that you read, one that is either trying to put people off of the card or perhaps sell a certain type of monitor to those who own the card. The truth is the more professional grade the monitor no matter what size it is the better the res & the refresh rate will be. I love using my 40inch monitor, but I am stuck at a res no higher than 1080i / 1080p & have a choice of either 60hz or 120hz as a refresh rate. Do I feel I am wasting my EAH4870X2 becaus it is capable of a much higher res' ??? No, of course I don't. For me at the moment my card/s quite happy chugging along, not being stressed out by pushing it to produce it's optimum res' or refresh... But then I am using the PC for a general purpose machine right now. I do some graphics, I remix some music, I edit some HD Video & I play a few games online. When it comes time to move this PC to my new workspace it will be driving 3 of the 40 inch sony LCDs (or 3 46 inch Sony LCDs) as the main setup with a 4th monitor for purely graphic design work that has a res that would go beyond the capabilities of my PC in general or at least make the most of the horsepower that it produces... Can you see what I mean by that statement being a bit off? (the one you read elsewhere) Of course it would be nice to max the cards out 24/7 65 but then I'd be running the risk of overheating, the lifespan of the cards would then be much shorter. Nobody ever made a rule that you have to use the maximum screen res that a video card is capable of as that sweeping statement suggests. Dr.T
  4. That's sweet to know... Had me worried for a moment, as I said I made that mistake back in the day lol. Can't wait to see what you create... kinda' have me on the edge of my seat waiting.
  5. Crossfire allows you to use the same models / makes & as long as the Palit Dual cooler 4870 1 GB card & your ASUS EAH 4870 512MB graphics are both Crossfire ready, then you can do it. But be aware that the 1GB card will be pulled down to 512mb. It's a sim' concept to mixing PC Ram... you can run PC2700 & PC2100 ram but the PC2700 will only run t PC2100 speeds. In my experience of crossfire systems despite the ability to mix brands it is always less problematic to use two / three or four cards that are the same make, same power etc. AMD / ATI website & forums would better answer & explain your qustion as of course they are (ATi was) the origin of crossfire. Crossfire have made advancements in leaps & bounds since it first surfaced and their dedicated forums are full of great tips & tricks.
  6. Just a minor concern about your using a fridge as I tried to build a running system inside a running fridge myself circa 1997/98. Fridges make great cases as far as sound proofing / vibration control. But only when unplugged / not running as a fridge, only used as a case itself. The problem when building inside a fridge that is running is CONDENSATION... Hot parts in cooled air equals water droplets where you just don't want them. I managed to fry what was back in the day quite a large sum of monies worth of parts. I can't wait to see what your project ends up like, I am 100% intrigued by this one. Lots of pictures please...
  7. First up: you say all the stickers / seals are broken & thus it won't void the warranty? Without full knowledge of the RMA to which I am not privvy to, I cannot really comment on the broken seals etc. However, as with any product from any company (talking PSU's) swapping out the fan youself does indeed mess with your warranty. It would surely be concidered as a modification, seals broken or not. I would at least contact customer support with what you are proposing to do, giving them background on your RMA, the fact that the seals are broken on the unit you received & the 'noise' to which you are trying to remedy. At least this way they can tell you if what you are doing to save further RMA-ing of the unit will or will not cause problems with the warranty. I'd not just assume that it is OK. Better to be safe than sorry. Secondly: the high pitched noise... You describe it as a droning / high pitched noise. Do you think it is a bearing problem or could it be the fan is just runing at full throttle (pushing a lot of air constantly)? I had a problem like this with another brand's PSU, it was new in the box, the problem was caused by as I asked above, the fan running at full power as the PSU was at it's limit (I was drawing the max, thus it was hotter than heck 24/7). The noise was the air being forced through a 'honeycomb' grill. I had two choices, buy a higher rated PSU, remove a few items that were causing such a high draw. I am not saying that this is your porblem, but have you checked how much load you are putting on the PSU? You may not even be close to pushing the psu to it's limit but you might be drawing too much on one rail causing the same effect. kvoong825 posted a link to the CoolerMaster PSU calculator in another thread a few days ago. I'd check first to see if you are running at full draw as no matter what fan you pop in there you may end up with the same problem if full draw is the issue. The calculator can be found here: http://www.coolermaster.outervision.com/advance.jsp Have a look at the calculator, let me know what kind of draw you are putting on the PSU / what the calculator suggests for the equipment you are using. ==================================================== As for the fan you have at hand, 44.73 CFM... IMHO that is OK in some heatsink & fan combos, in fact up until a few years ago before CPU's started to become 'Hotter' due to higher speeds, 44 / 45 CFM was the ideal for heatsinks, nowadays we tend to see higher CFM fans in heatsink/fan combos. Is it enough CFM for a 600wt power supply?... again support would be the people to tell you. If your psu over heats or fails it may actually take a bunch of other components with it, do you want to risk that? The other thing with PSUs that the average person who opens them up tends to forget is that even when unplugged it can hold enough of a charge to KILL you!!! I have mentioned support a few times, I really think that you should contact them, it isn't worth risking damage to your PC, to the PSU & of course the risk of severe damage to yourself. They may even suggest using a coolermaster certified PC store to swap out the fan for you if indeed it is the fan at fault, that would be a lot safer than doing it yourself & at least you would know that it would have a correctly rated fan installed. I understand your need to have this dealt with quickly, that you have already RMA'd the PSU, it still isn't worth the risks involved or possibly voiding all warranties without speaking to somebody in support. The above may not be the answers you were looking for but it is the best advice that I can offer you at present. Let me know what the calculator says & also what support tells you to do. Dr. T
  8. Coming together beautifully... Can I ask if your acrylic was cut local or did you have to send out quite a distance? (Also what was the turn around on sending out, getting them back?) They certainly did a great job with the acrylic & wouldn't mind somewhere capable of doing that in these parts. (I'm at a beach resort area, not known for it's mix of powdercoaters & laser cutting companies ) Keep the pics coming...
  9. w00t! Nice work... That Red "O" stand out pretty awsome. The other letters, perhaps it's the way your cam registers the light but I cannot work out if they are supposed to be bright white or bright blue, it could also be the reflection of light from behind the letters. I'd imagine that they are bright white right?
  10. Not a problem batsdecrud, I enjoy building, modding all manner of PCs for myself & constantly build higher end machines for customers, clients & friends. I won't say that the config you are going for is the only one I have not done but it comes close to being one set up that I had to admit to never having tried or even contemplated... So to answer your question & to satisfy my own curiosity I just had to take a decent look into it Now then, apart from the items you mentioned going into the case, lets see a nice V10 in there huh? What are you going to power the machine with, what cooling do you have planned? What would you rate your building PC experience at? (1 being n00b / 10 being "I can build a pc blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back whislt playing a saxaphone") You don't have to answer if you don't want, I am just being curious as you have picked a nice card for the graphix, a decent mobo & of course a great case for them all to go into. I do have to say that the CM 690 looks like a great case for it's price, it is also pretty simple yet well thought out, but then it is a CoolerMaster case so we should expect that. It is one case that I think should be used more for my customers builds even tho' they prefer the stacker range, often the space inside the stackers get wasted... Also, having found that tripple card picture I am close to tempted to get 3 or 4 of those for a new custom home theater project I have been asked to put together that needs a lot of graphics power in the one small space I have to fit the 'brains' into. Yes please keep us updated, pictures are always welcome too.
  11. Indeed, with imageshack etc having a few problems right now te better choice IMHO of picture hosting that is Free & virtually unlimited is Photobucket. I have used them for approx 5 years without a single problem & can highly reccomend their free services. As with any of these hosting sites they do offer an upgrade for a small monthly fee but I have never found the need. Photobucket FTW
  12. I always host images on imageshack, but is not so good way. what another host which you suggest? so, I can host the photos again Sorry, did not understand very well on the conservative Photobucket is a great free service for images & video. You can upgrade by paying for the service but in all honesty I have used their free hosting for over 5 years now & never had a single problem with them. I have a few webistes, so I have other ways to 'store' & show pictures on the internet, but at the end of the day Photobucket is just so much quicker, easier & reliable. Take a look at what they offer for free, I think you will find them to be on par with or even slightly better than Imageshack. Hope that helps you out. Dr. T
  13. Loving the fact that you purchased a 'Refurbished' case from the store for this project. There are some items that you just don't buy refurbished but Cases tend to be great solid workhorses NIB or Refurb'd. As I had said in another thread the contest is getting my creative juices flowing & I just wish now that I had decided to do something for it this year. Seeing you use a refurbished case has conjured up many ideas for me now & of course it is a great money saver at the end of the day. Maybe we will see more refurb'd items / cases in contests to come. Dr. T
  14. I am really enjoying your project. It is great as another member said to see more wood being used. I really admire the fact that you prefer to had 'rasp' & use other traditional yet time consuming methods in the production of your pieces. I hope that when people look at the finished product that they also take into account the methods of production, appreciate the time it takes to 'hand finish' as you have been doing. Scoring with the dremel is a great tip that you have shared with the others too, way too many projects have been 'messed up' by not pre-scoring materials & I hope that future modders have taken note. ==== My question is why you chose to go with a 'Ply' rather than a solid sheet? Was it more cost effective or have you found that Plywood has certain properties that 'solid' sheets of the same finish doesn't have when it comes to case modding? My own attempts at wooden cases in the past have suffered 'warping' due to heat, both laptop & full sized towers. (more laptop tho' which warped all over, the tower warped on top & rear only) For those I had used thin solid sheets & not ply... hence my question about about having found certin properties in the ply, such as is it more heat resilient (sp?). ==== Great pictures & fantastic to see your work. Can't wait to see more as the project progresses. Dr. T
  15. Morning, hope your weekend is going great. Having taken a look at various images of the card, the case & the motherboard & knowing the case first hand I cannot see any problem with getting the card or multiples of it in the case. My concern is using that card with that board & the clearance you may have when using the top PCIe for the first card. As we can see in this image there is a copper pipe running to the bridge. I know that my Asus EAH4870X2 which is a bohemoth of a card clears the heat pipes etc on my Asus M4A79 Deluxe & so I feel that from seeing the GTX 295 on other Asus mobos such as the picture below that you are in with a chance: Whilst looking at pictures of that card on motherboards, I found this beauty of a setup dedicated to 'Folding at home': Anyways... When we see the card in question on an Asus motherboard which has the same dimensions as the mobo that you have & then look at the case itself... (pic below): We can see that there is ample room for the cards length. The added bonus that the HDDs are inserted into the case from the side rather than having to remove the cards to add or replace HDDs pretty much says it all. Take a look at all the above pictures, phatom if the card will clear the heat pipe on that board as it is the only issue here that I cannot asure you of & you will see for certain that if the card will clear the pipes you have no worries with the case, card & mobo combo you are going for. Hope this has helped. Dr T