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  1. This might help, I stumbled across it a couple of weeks ago: ... 283781.pdf
  2. I have 5 HDDs (actually 6 but I don't use the 6th at the moment, it's only 120GB anyway) and 2 CD/DVD drives. Thanks for the link, that sure is cheap! How was your experience changing from the 1000 to the S? In particular, what kind of difference in noise levels did you experience? The two main things I like about the Cosmos 1000 are the quietness and it's looks. The Cosmos S looks a little better IMHO, so it's really just down to the noise levels between the two. The Cosmos S is such an open design (opposite to the 1000) that I imagine it must be quite a bit noisier.
  3. So what's the best thing someone has come up with to cool down the HDDs in the Cosmos 1000? I've searched the 'net high and low and all I've found is: fan on the top per CM, fan on the side, and watercooling (not an option for me). Is a fan on the top of the HDD cage really sufficient to cool them down? I'm worried about when summer comes around and the temps get a bit hotter..
  4. I wish more manufacturers would use glass. It might be a little more money but nothing considerable, glass is generally somewhat cheap. They'd just have to be sure it is packaged well so it doesn't break during shipping. I know if I opened up the box and saw glass I'd instantly think "wow, quality!" When I see plastic/acrylic I instantly think "yuck, ultra cheap crapola."